Shr garbha Suhrid

Spontaneous and Natural.

Free from decay.

Having long and powerful arms.

Blessing Your devotees with streams of bliss

The Unmanifested Supreme Spirit.

Enlightened Awareness.

Perception and Understanding. The Support of the highest truth. Awakened and Enlightened Wisdom. Very Learned.

The Spirit of the whole Universe. The Om.

Beyond Pranava.

The Compassionate Spirit.

The Supreme Being.

The Highest Refuge of the Gods.

Beyond thought.

The Divine Consciousness.

The Power of Divine Vibrations.

The Formless All-pervading Supreme Spirit.

The Highest Light.

The Highest Abode.

The Greatest of those who do penances.

The Highest Teachings.

The Supreme Technique.

The Spirit which is the Knower of the body.

The Protector of the three worlds.

The Essence of all good qualities.

Endowed with unlimited virtues.

The Sacred Fire that gives auspiciousness.

The Golden Egg of Shri Brahmadeva.

He whose inner nature is the welfare of the


The Good Friend of devotees.

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