Shr Gnyana shakti

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You are:

The Primordial Goddess.

The Goddess of Knowledge.

The Goddess of Divine Union.

The Goddess as a Devoted Wife.

The Goddess of Queenly Serenity.

The Immortal Goddess of Divine Nectar.

The Goddess of Truth.

The Victorious Goddess.

The Goddess who rides an elephant.

The Goddess of Wealth.

The Supremely Powerful Goddess. The Goddess who gives progeny. The Goddess of Good Fortune. The Goddess of Sustenance. The Goddess of Great Valour. The Goddess who grants liberation. The Goddess of Spiritual Evolution. The Ultimate Reality. Peaceful All-pervading.

Residing in the Highest Heaven.

The One whose Form is the Highest Bliss.

Eternally Pure.

Of Unfailing Energy.


The Power of Knowledge.

Shr! Kartri shakti

The Creative Energy.

Shr! Nir-ananda

Pure unadulterated Joy.

Shr! Vimala

Unstained by any imperfections.

Shr! Ananta

Infinite and Eternal.

Shr! Vaishnav!

The Shakti of Shri Vishnu.

Shr! Sanatan!

Ancient and Ever-lasting.

Shr! Nir-amaya

Free of any disease.

Shr! Vishv-ananda

The Joy of the whole universe.

Shr! Gnyana gnyeya

The Divine Knowledge to be attained.

Shr! Gnyana gamya

Accessible through Spiritual Knowledge.

Shr! Gnyana gnyeya vikasin!.

The Illumination of all Knowledge.

Shr! Nirmala


Shr! Sva-rupa

Having Your Own Form.

Shr! Akalanka

Spotlessly Pure.

Shr! Nir-adhara


Shr! Nir-ashraya

Accomplishing everything without assistance.

Shr! Nir-vikalpa

Beyond all self-doubt.

Shr! Pavan! kara

The Purifier.

Shr! Aparimita


Shr! Bhava bhrant! vinashin!

The Remover of error and confusion.

Shr! Maha-dham!

The Great Abode.

Shr! Sthiti vridh-d!rghava-gati

Ever granting prosperity and happiness.

Shr! Ishwar!

The Supreme Goddess.

Shr! Akshaya


Shr! Aprameya


Shr! Sukshma para

Supremely Subtle

Shr! Nirvana dayin!

The Grantor of Paradise.

Shr! Shuddha vidya

The Pure Knowledge.

Shr! Tusht*!


Shr! Maha-dh!ra

Of Great Constancy.

Shr! Anu-graha-shakti-radha

The Success of all auspicious desires.

Shr! Janaj-jyesh'ha

The Most Excellent of all Beings.

Shr! Brahmanda-vasin!

Residing in the Sahasrara Chakra.

Shr! Ananta-rupa

She whose Form is Infinite.

Shr! Ananta sam-bhava

Eternally Existing.

T^jSKMaaio^ rci^cj ^TTSTTrC

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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