Shri Bhagavati

Bhaga: Bhaga means six things together. They are the six attributes of God. And Bhagavati is the power of God, that's why She is called like that; six basic attributes of God.

First is Innocence; Second is Creativity; Third is Palanhar - is the one which nourishes. See, if you put the gardener and the Mother Earth together then that quality is nourishment, growth and looking after, called as Palanhar. The sustenance is also there, the kindness, the control, the looking-after, the weeding out - and the enjoyment of seeing your creation. The one who makes our growth possible. Then He is Almighty. Nobody is more powerful than Him, He is the Most Powerful. And He is Unencompassable. He is All-pervading and He knows everything - 'Sarvagnya'. He knows everything: Omniscient. This is Bhaga; and Bhagavati is the Power of God, without Bhagavati God has no meaning. It's like moon and moon-light, its like sun and sunlight. You cannot differentiate. They are one and the same.

Adi-Shakti is the same as Bhagavati. She is called by many names. One of them is Nirmala also.

H.S.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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