Shri Durga

Shri Durga is the Primordial Mother Goddess as the Shakti of Shri Sada-Shiva, the Pre-existent Spirit. She is Shri Jagad-amba, the Mother of the Universe; Shri MahakalT and Shri Parvati are two of Her aspects.

Shri ParvatT was born as KalT (black-hued), but after Her marriage to Lord Shiva, imagining that He did not like Her dark colour, She performed penance, and Lord Brahma granted Her a golden complexion. Thus She became Shri GaurT ('shining') and Her black skin became filled with the brilliance of all the Gods as the Goddess KatyayanT, invoked to destroy Mahish-asura and his r followers RaktabTja, Shumbha and Nishumbha.

The following nine names of Shri Durga are associated with the nine nights of Navaratri:










The Daughter of the Mountain.

The One who observes celibacy.

The One who bears the moon on Her neck.

The Protectress of religious ceremonies.

The Mother of Shri Karttikeya.

The One who incarnates to help the Devas.

The Dark Night of destruction at the end of the World

Very pure.

The One who gives success and liberation.

During Navaratri the Saptashati 'seven hundred verses' is recited, which includes the Kavach of the Devi and the Argala Stotram.

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