Shri Kalisahasra Nama Stottram

I resort to Shri Mahakal!, the Supreme Goddess with ten faces and ten legs, who holds in Her hands the sword, discus, mace, arrow, bow, club, spear, missile, human head and conch, who is three-eyed, decorated with jewels around all Her limbs which are luminous like a blue gem and whom Lord Brahma extolled in order to destroy the dauntless demons, Madhu and Kaitabha, when Shri Vishnu was in His mystic sleep

The Thousand Names

Om representing the Primordial Mystery Sound consisting of three letters-A, U, M- a triad of Shri Vishnu, Shri Brahma and Shri Shiva and thus symbolizing the all-destroying and the all-creating cosmic power of the Divine Mother, Shri Mahakall.

Note: The following list of names can be said as a poem, in verses consisting of four padas of eight syllables each. There is a single vertical line | to denote the end of the first sixteen syllables and a double line || at the end of the verse. There are also small words in the list of names to fill out the meter like cha- 'and' and ta!ha- 'thus' which have been included in italics in brackets.

Note: The symbols a, " and u denote long vowel sounds as in cart, keen and stoop. Short a is pronounced like the u in but.

Om twameva sakshat Shri: You are:

Shmashana kalika The Dark-complexioned Deity of the cremation ground.

KalT The Dark Goddess, Ruler of Time.

Bhadra kalT The All-auspicious Dark Mother.

KapalinT | Holding a human skull in Your hand.

Guhya kalT The Secretive and Hidden Dark Goddess.

Maha-kalT The Great Dark Mother, Beautiful and Compassionate to

Your devotees and Terrifying to their enemies.

Kuru kulla virodhinT || Ferocious towards the Kuru clan and all evil forces.

Kalika The Ruler of Time.

Kala ratri The Dark Night of final dissolution.

10 Maha-kala nitambini | Kala bhairava bharya (cha) Kula vartma prakashini || Kamada Kamini Kamya

Kama niya swa-bhavini | KastUri rasa liptangi Kunjar-eshwara gamini ||

Kakara varna sarv-angi

20 Kamini kama sundari | Kamarta

Kama rUpa (cha)

Kama dhenu

Kala-vati Kanta

Kama swarUpa Kam-akhya Kula palini Kulina 30 Kula-vaty-amba Durga

Durgati nashini Kumari Kulaja Krishna Krishna deha Krish-odari Krish-angi Kulish-angi 40 Krin-kari Kamala Kala

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