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But today is the day I declare I am the One who has to save the humanity.

I declare I am the one who is Adi Shakti, who is Mother of all the mothers; who is the primordial Mother; the Shakti; the purest desire of God; who has incarnated on this earth to give it's meaning to itself; to this creation; to human beings; and I am sure that through My love and patience and through My powers, I am going to achieve it.

I was the One who was born again and again; but now I have come in My complete form and with complete powers. I have come on this earth, not only for the salvation of human beings, not only for their emancipation, but for granting them the Kingdom of Heaven; the Joy; the Bliss that your Father wants to bestow upon you.

So be confident and be joyous and be happy, that all My powers will protect you, My love will nourish you, and my Nature will fill you with Peace and Joy. May God bless you.

2ndDec. 1979. Guru Puja, Dollis Hill.

'..It is necessary that you have to recognize Me. And that recognition is fixed; I cannot change have to dedicate yourself completely to Me; not to Sahaja Yoga, but to Me. Sahaja Yoga is just one of My aspects. Leaving everything you have to dedicate- complete dedication- otherwise you cannot ascend any further; without questioning, arguing. Complete dedication is the only way you can achieve it.'

Cowley Manor, 31stJuly 1982

Declare to all the nations now, that I am the Holy Ghost.. and I have come for this special time- that this is the resurrection time -

21st March 1983. Birthday Puja, Sydney.

The truth is that I am the Adi Shakti incarnated; so go full speed into any direction, knowing one thing, that you are my child, and that I am Adi Shakti; everything that looks horrible will become better- you have seen it now, don't worry about anything, just know that I am the Adi Shakti. That all the powers of Gods and Goddesses and all that are within Me and they are looking after -

13th Oct. 1991, Navaratri Puja, Cabella.

We have to win people with love, compassion, affection and dignity. When we say it is a Vishva Dharma, is a universal religion we belong to, first and foremost thing- the essence of that- is peace. The peace has to be within, to begin with. You have to be peaceful within yourself. If you are not peaceful, if you are playing tricks with your ego, if you are just satisfying yourself saying that you are peaceful, you are sadly mistaken. Peace is to be enjoyed within yourself. It is to be felt within have it. Your Spirit is absolutely peaceful, Avyagra, without restlessness. There is no restlessness in your Spirit; absolutely peaceful and steady.

Bordi, 7thFeb.1985

'If they are arrogant, try to give them bandhans, try to control them through these methods. But if you think by arguing with them you will be able to manage them, it's an impossibility. So try Nirmala Vidya, and that is humility, which is the mylin sheath of vibrations. If you are humble you will win the battle, if you are not, you will be lost.'

Hampstead, 17th October 1982

AARTI (Hindi)

Sab.ko dua dena, Ma Sab.ko dua dena Jay. Nirmala MatajT (x2) sada, Ma Sab.ko dua dena sankat*. karan. Kitane liye avatar, Ma Kitane liye avatar Vishwa me TerT mahima (x2) Tu Ganga Yamuna, Ma Sab.ko dua dena

Jo bhT sharan. me aya Sukh. hT mila us.ko, Ma Sukh. hT mila us.ko Bhai'h. ke O Ma (x2) Laut. ke na jana ,Ma Sab.ko dua dena

Manav. me avatar ke Kar. diya ujiyara, Ma Kar. diya ujiyara Kali yug. me maya hai (x2) Fir. bhT peh.chana, Ma Sab.ko dua dena

Sant. jano kT dhartT Hai Bharat. Mata, Ma Hai Bharat. Mata Is. dhar.tT par. akar.* (x2) Dukh. se dur. karana, Ma Sab.ko dua dena

Jab. dil. me aye tab. Madhu sangTt. sun.lo, Ma Madhu sangTt. sun.lo Hoya sake jo sewa (x2) kara lena, Ma Sab.ko dua dena

* Sometimes written "ke.

Give blessings to all, O Mother, Give blessings to all, Chorus:

Victory to Our Immaculate Holy Mother, Always dwell in our hearts, O Mother, Give blessings to all.

Whenever the world was in danger,

Mother, You have always incarnated,

On this earth in different forms,

Your Greatness fills the Universe,

You are the sacred rivers Ganga and Yamuna,

O Mother, Give blessings to all.

Whoever surrenders himself to You, Gets complete satisfaction, O Mother, Happiness truly comes to him. Once You have entered our hearts, Do not go away, O Mother, Give blessings to all.

By incarnating in human form, You have enlightened our lives, O Mother, You are the lamp that brings light, In spite of the illusions of Kali Yuga, We have been able to recognise You, O Mother, Give blessings to all.

The land of all the saints, Is Mother India. O Mother, Is this Mother India, As You have incarnated in this land, Please take away our sorrows, O Mother, give blessings to all.

Whenever we so wish,

We can listen to the sweet music inside,

O Mother,

Whatever service You wish us to do, Kindly ask us to do it, O Mother, Give blessings to all.

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