Shri Matajis comments on the Devi Atharva Sh rsha Pune thOct

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When you give joy to someone, the source of joy has to be beyond the joy. I am the Giver of Knowledge.

Without the light of Atma, without the light of the Spirit, how can you know anything?

You see the Source is Unborn; It can take birth because It is primordial, so it is unborn. Primordial is there, it is absolute, but then Absolute can take birth.

Why not get Realisation? Without that what's the use of doing Devi Puja? Without the knowledge of Atma, if you do any Puja, what is the use? You won't get Divine Blessings. Already said thousands of years back.

Vaikhari is the powers by which we speak.

Any God's name you take, you ask 'are you this?' -you get cool vibrations -because the Shakti of all those people is the essence of all those. Because I am that Shakti, that's why you get the vibrations. Ask anybody's name, even the saints, rishis, Maharishis. 'haanh'('yes' in Hindi) all of that is Me. That is why- that's the point they are trying to make.

Bija ('seed') mantra means, say, the Vaikhari. Vaikhari is the power of speaking. This power of speaking is made into mantras by the people who have power of realisation. Now, so, for them to improve, supposing they want to improve their centre, or they want to improve left or right. They have to say the bija mantras. If they say the bija mantras, that area gets the bija, then the bija has to sprout and has to grow. So the first step they have to say the bija mantra and then they have to say the different mantras of the different chakras. So one is the bija and then is the tree. So if you know the bija first of all, you can implant a bija into yourself by saying that, and then you start saying all other. So, that's how you make it grow.

The word Sanskrit has come out of KundalinT's movement, when She makes a sound, all was recorded by the great saints and like that every Chakra has got vowels and consonants according to the number of sub-plexuses they have- you can say petals they have- and all of them make all the alphabets of Sanskrit language.

Sanskrit is made holy; this language was made holy; first it was one language, out of which two languages were born, was Latin and the one which was made holy was Sanskrit.

This Sanskrit language comes from the saints, who heard all those things and they made this and this is the energy of the Vaikhari. Now the script is there, the Vaikhari is there. The energy is there and this is the way you should say the instrument, but to make it work in a Divine way, you have to make it into a mantra. To make it a mantra, any mantra you want to do, you must know first the blja mantra. Supposing you want to raise your KundalinT, then the blja mantra is 'hreem' and from 'hreem' you should go on to 'Om Twameva sakshat ShrT Hreem'. Then you should go on saying the mantras of all the deities that are there.

You have all become Vidyavan now. ('embodiment of knowledge')

Now you try to understand that how this Vidya ('knowledge') has been penetrating into you slowly. Not with any teachers or anybody sitting with a stick in the hand. The whole Vidya is exposed from within and without. Whatever I say, you can tally it on your Vibrations. So it goes into your hand. You don't accept it because I am saying but it is so, that's why you accept it. Supposing I say, this is water, then what, you will drink the water and you will see I fit quenches your thirst. Then only are you going to believe that this is water, otherwise you are not going to believe. In the same way it is.

We are Swayam-siddhas.(Self-realised)

'Ra' is the energy, Radha. The one who sustains the energy is Radha. She is MahalakshmT that is why she sustains the KundalinT.

'Eee' is the primordial Mother and 'Ra' is the energy that is Kundalini. So the 'Hreem' means that you have the energy passing through the Mahalakshmi tattwa which is Ra. You see the energy is passing through the thing towards the Primordial Being. So Hreem. That is why the Yogis- because they believe only in connection. Yogis believe in Yoga and so they have to look after the energy and also the Primordial Mother. This is very important because that is how energy should be there- Kundalini as well as Primordial Mother. Fourteen thousand years before they have written all this which is the truth, which you know now. Now when you read this book (Devi Saptashati), you will understand.

Chitta Swarupini- right side, that is Mahasaraswati, then Sattva Rupini- Mahalakshmi, Ananda RupinTi- Mahakali, and you know all these things.

(For receiving the knowledge of the Brahma, we always meditate on You) Without that you have got it, even without meditation you got Realisation. Now meditate you must- I don't know what to do about that.

In the witness state you become 'zero'. See your 'I' is no more in the witness state. You just see and there that is Shunya ('empty', 'zero' in Sanskrit and Hindi'). So She's the one at the time when you are in Shunya state, who is the Shakti of that is She. You are in 'Nirvichara', thousands of people have that, now they have found out so who knows that. I know also if your Kundalini has passed through. So even if you may not know, I'll say it is done, you know. So She is the One who knows all your states. So the whole idea you can understand like a computer, that is already made so well that it records everything that happens and immediately I , like see I'm talking to you, suddenly a person is sitting. I say 'Haanh' so the attention is there also. I am talking to you, attention is there, that Kundalini rises immediately. That's it.

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