Shri Nirmal namask r

from the Shri Lalit Sahasran ma

Shri Maha Nirmala Mahati The Great Immaculate Object of all worship

Shri Maha-rajni Adi Shakti Supreme Empress and Primordial energy,

Shri Maha-grasa Mahasana Great Consumer, occupying the Highest Seat,

Shri Maha Tripura-sundari Most beautiful Shakti of Lord Shiva.

Shrï Sarveshwarï Sarva-mayï Shrï Sarva Mantra Swarûpinï Shrï Jayatsena Tripureshï Shrï Maheshwarï Mahadevï

Shrï Maha-lakshmï Maha-kalï Shrï Sarv-adhara Mahä-rüpä Shrï Parat-para Maha-Püjya Shrï Maha-pataka Nashinï

Ruler of everything, being everything, In the Form of all mantras Victorious General that destroys Tripura Supreme Ruler and Highest Goddess

Queen of Evolution, Sustenance and Protection Support of everything, having the vast Form Worshipped as the Highest of the High Destroyer of even the greatest of sins.

Shri Maha-maya Maha-sattva Great Illusion and Ultimate Reality, r

Shri Maha-Shakti Maha-rati The Supreme Power and the Highest Joy, Shri Maha-bhoga Rajya-lakshmi Finest Enjoyment and Queenly Serenity, Shri Maha -virya Maha-buddhi Greatest courage and Highest Intelligence.

Shrï Maha-bala Maha-siddhï Shrï Maha Yogeshwar-eshwarï Shrï Maha Tantra Maha Mantra Shrï Maha Yantra Shiva Mûrtï

Shrï Maha Kailasa Nilaya Shrï Maha Bhairava Püjita Shrï Maheshwarï Mahakalpa Shrï Maha Tandava Sakshinï

Highest Strength, Power and Success, Supreme Goddess of even the Highest Yogis, The Subtlest Techniques and Mantras, The Greatest Science and the Auspicious Form.

O Great Dweller on Mount Kailas, Worshipped by the Great Lord Shiva Himself, Supreme Goddess, Ruler of the Ages, Witness of the great dance of Lord Shiva.

Shri Vishwa Mata Vishwa Grasa Producer and Consumerof the Universe Shri Nirakara Nirvikara Formless and Unchanging

Shri Nirmal-ambika Prakriti Immaculate Mother Adi Shakti Om Twameva Parameshwari You are the Supreme Goddess.

Shrï Maha Kamesha Mahishï Shrï Maha Yoginï Malinï Shrï Maha Mata Nirmala Ma

Most excellent Queen, the Ruler of Desire, Great Garlanded Worker of Magic. Most Immaculate Mother Goddess The Primordial Goddess in Her genuine form.

Namas-tasye namas-tasye namas-tasye namo namaha.

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