Shukra vatsala

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Bathed in blood.

Saturated with Your love of blood.

The Sanguine Goddess worthy to be honoured with blood.

Creating the joy of all that is red.

The Creator of the eternal joy of red.

Dwelling in the blood.

Completely full of excitement and affection.

The One served with affection.

Enchanting the hearts of all.

Giving everything to those who honour red.

The Destroyer of those who scorn love.

Embodying the spirit of love, beauty and passion.

The Red-Coloured Mother.

Creating universal attraction for love and beauty.

The Strength and Joy of the blood.

The Excitement and Agitation of blood.

The Blood-drinking Final Refuge of all.

The Mother of the Universe who gives joy in the blood.

The Form of waves of affection.

The Supreme Goddess to whom seekers turn inward.

The Purifier.

The Remover of Karma from past sins.

Giving happiness to Your devotees.

The Slayer of the enemies of realised souls.

Living in the hearts of Your worshippers.

The Cause of Bliss to Your followers.

The Mother of those who bow reverently to You.

The Creator of prosperity to Your devotees.

The Bestower of profuse joy, prosperity and happiness to Your adorers

Adored as the perfect purity and whiteness. Pleased with the snow-clad mountains. Loving those who are spotless and pure as Your Own Children.

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