Siddhatman Paramatman Siddhanam paramagati Siddhi siddha

The Greatest God.

The Resident Spirit of every being.

The Consumer of all heat and afflictions of worldly existence.

The Universal Spirit.

The Creator of everything.


All Knowledge.

The Judgement of all.

The Witness of everything.

Shining brightly like the sun. The Knower of all Knowledge. All that is auspicious. Peaceful Truth.

Constant and unchanging.



The Lord of Shri Lakshmi, Shri Vishnu. Shri Rama.

Loved by Shri Rama. The Full Stop.

The Creative Principle of Shri Rama.



The One who has reached the highest state. The Witness of Pure Discrimination. Powerful and Omnipresent. The Ruler of all that has been created. The Final Destruction of Creation.

The Realised Soul.

The Highest Spirit.

The Ultimate Goal of realized souls.

The One who achieves results.

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