All Wealth and Beneficence.

The Supreme of the Yakshas, higher magical beings.

Manifesting the supra-mental power of Yoga.

Old Age as the Daughter of Death.

The Dynamic Force of the demons.

The Goddess who gives all to the world.

The Highest Knowledge of the Vedas.

Adorned with the purest gems of Vedic knowledge.

The Sacred Texts which are to be heard ie. the Vedas.

The Sacred Texts which are remembered, ie all the books of law, the Epics and Puranas.

The Eternal Knowledge of the Supreme realm.

Bestowed with all occult knowledge.

The Supreme Force of ancient days.

Worthy of the highest contemplation.

Beyond the power of contemplation.

The Mantra uttered when sacrificing to the ancestors.

The Mantra uttered when offering to the fire.

The Spirit of Sleep.

The Spirit of half-wakefulness

The Daughter of the Mountain-king and the Sacred Spouse of Shri Shiva.

Shri Parvati doing austerities to woo Shri Shiva.

Of a calm and composed mind.

Restless and Noisy.

The Supreme Source of all learning.

Immersed in a perfect attitude of penance.

The Coolness, Purity and river-like flow of life.

The Spirit of the ancient city of Varanasi.

The Pure Consort of Shri Indra.

The Spouse of Shri Rama.

The First Incarnation of Shri Parvati as the Wife of Lord

Shiva and Daughter of King Daksha.

The Final Refuge of truth.

The Highest Righteousness and Conduct.

The Wisdom and Discretion that guides us well.

Great Delight.

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