The Names of Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya

(formerly 113 names of Shri Ganesha).

Taken from the 1000 names of Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya

Shri Dattatreya's name means 'given to the Sage Atri' (Shri Mataji once explained that Shri Atri was so called because he was 'beyond the three Gunas') As a boon Shri Atri had a son with the qualities of Shri Vishnu, Brahm! and Shiva, Shri Dattatreya. Many of these names indicate the qualities of Shri Vishnu, but some of Shri Brahm! and Lord Shiva also.

Om Twameva sakshat Shri, Sattv-atman

Sattva sagara Sattva vid Sattva sakshin Sattva sanjaya Amar-adhipa Bhüta krit Bhüta bhrit Bhüt-atman Bhüta sam(bhavana

Bhüta bhava Bhava Bhüta vid Bhüta karana Bhüta sakshin Pra-bhüti

Bhütanam param-agati Bhüta sanga vihin-atmane Bhüta shankara Maha natha

Adi natha

You are:

The One whose nature is Goodness, the quality of the Central Channel.

The Ocean of Truth.

The Knower of Reality.

The Witness of the Ultimate Reality.

The One who is victorious in the Truth.

The Immortal Lord.

The One who creates all living beings.

The One who supports this existence.

The Soul of all beings.

The Origin of all life.

The One who exists in all beings. Existence.

The Knower of all beings.

The Source of the five elements.

The Witness of all creation.

The Abundant Creation.

The Highest Refuge of all creatures.

The Soul who has abandoned any worldly ties.

Compassionate to all beings.

The Great Lord Protector.

The Primordial Master.

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