The Names of Shri Ganesha

Om Shri Gan)eshäya namaha!

Salutations to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in Her form as The Lord of all categories!

Om twameva sakshat Shrï

You are:


The Supreme Lord of Obstacles.

Vishva vadana

The First Manifestation of the whole Universe.

Vishva chakshuh

The Eyes of the Universe.

Jagat prabhu j

The Lord of all that moves.

Hiranya rûpa

Having a beautiful golden form.


The Residing Spirit of every creature.

Gñyana rûpa

The One whose form is Knowledge.

Jagan maya jj

The One who contains the whole world.

Ürdhva retas

The One who lives in chastity.

Maha bahu

The One having long and powerful arms.



Amita vikrama j

Of unlimited strength and valour.

Veda vedya

All spiritual knowledge that is to be known.

Maha kaya

Having a mighty body.

Vidya nidhi

The Storehouse of Knowledge.

Anamaya jj

The Epitome of good health.


All wisdom and intelligence.


The Omnipresent Spirit.


The One whose nature is peace.


Having an elephants face.

Vigata jvara j

Free from all afflictions.

Vishva mûrti

The One whose form is the Universe.




The Support of the Universe.

Sanatana jj

Ancient and Everlasting.

Sama-gana priya

Fond of the chanting of hymns and praises.


The Wise Counsellor.


The Support of the Central Channel.

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