The names of Shri Ganesha

From the Gan$esha Purana

Nir-vighnam-astu 'May it be obstacle-less'

Sumukhash-cha Ekadantash-cha, Kapilo Gaja-karnSakaha, Lambodarsh-cha VikatSo, Vighna-nasho GanS-adhipaha, Dhumra-ketur GanS-adhyaksSho, Bhala-chandro Gaj-ananaha.

Dwa-dash-aitani namani yaha, pathet shrSinu yadapi, Vidyarambhe vivahe cha, praveshe nirgame tatha, Sangrame sankat*e chaiva, vighnas-tasya na jayate.

May it be obstacle-less:

Su-mukha Eka-danta Kapila










Having good face Having one tusk Reddish-brown coloured Having elephant's ears Big-bellied

Of huge and unusual appearance Destroyer of obstacles Leader of Gan$as Grey-bannered

Chief Overseer of the Gan$as Sporting moon on forehead Elephant-faced

One who says, or even listens to these twelve names, At the beginning of learning, marriages, entrance and exit, In battles and at times of difficulty, faces no hurdle.

Shree Ganesh

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