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Whenever, O scion of Bharata, Dharma declines and evil prevails, I incarnate Myself. Bhagavad Gita Ch. IV. v. 7

No names can describe You. You cannot be grasped and You are beyond praise. Yet, based on Sahaja Yoga shastras, here are one hundred and eight names humbly offered at Your Lotus Feet.

Salutation, Honour and Glory to Shri Bhagavati, Shri Adi Shakti Matajl, Shri Nirmala Devi who bears Shri Krishna on Your forehead as the Crowning Jewel of the Heavens.

You are Shri Krishna. Praise unto You for ever and ever.

You are worshipped through Lord Jesus Christ. Praise unto You ... You grant permission to become a Sahaja Yogi. You accept the Yogis certified by Lord Jesus Christ. You accept the Yagnyas (sacred ceremonies) of the noble souls. You are the Primordial Being. You are the Ishwara of the Yogis. You are the God of Yoga. You are our Ideal in its highest Glory. You are sublime and the source of sublimity. You are fully aware of Your Divine Powers. ^ You are the Sakshi (Witness). You are the Axis of the whirling universes. You are holding the strings of the cosmic puppet show. 1 You are the great Enticer of the three worlds. You are the Father yet You are the Friend. You are the revelation of ultimate Fatherhood. You are Shri Sada-Shiva. Shri Adi Shakti's creation is for Your play. You are the integrated brain of Divinity. You were, are and ever shall be. You are Shri Vishnu the Magnificent. You are the Supreme Yahweh of Moses. Buddha perceived You as Nir-akara (formless). You are the Father of Lord Jesus Christ. You are the Allah and Akbar of Islam.

You are the Lord God Almighty, All-knowing, All-pervading. You are the Master of the Aquarian Age.

Shri Krishna

You are the Doer of the Divine work in Krita Yuga. You carry the yellow-dusted Feet of Shri Radhaji in Your heart. You see Shri Radhaji in Mother's Laughing Eyes. You are the Worshipper of Shri Nirmala ViratanGana. You pervade Akasha (the Ether). You are the Blue Lord of ethereal infinity. You are blue for the sake of Shri Mahakali. For Your sake the firmament is blue. You wear many garlands of moons, suns and stars. You play with Mother Surabhi on the Milky Way. Shri Brahmadeva gave You Your yellow dhoti. The Sun rises to behold You. You grant the power of total confidence. You grant the power of discrimination. You grant the power of decision. You grant the power of detachment. You grant the power of responsibility. You grant the power of auspicious vision. You grant the power of leadership. You granted abundance to America. You grant the power of plenitude. You grant the power to communicate and convince. You grant power of silence. You grant power to the Sahaja Collectivity. You grant the power to share. You grant the power to permeate. You grant the power to expand Thoughtless Awareness. You grant the power of Cosmic Consciousness. You have the power to make anyone a king. You grant and withdraw power to human institutions. You bear the rings of Saturn on Your right fore-finger. You make fun of worldly powers. You shatter the pillars of false dharmas. You are blazing doom for adharma. You are both Madhuri and Samhara-shakti. You subdue the serpents of anger, hate and arrogance. You dislike frivolity, grossness and plastics. You are mischievous with individualists.

You incarnate on this earth to re-establish the dharma of innocence. You restores the lost vision of the Absolute. All myths are consumed by the fire of Your Truth. You lead us to victory on the battlefield of the brain.

You lead Your worshippers beyond the Kuruk-shetra (the battlefield of the Mahabharat war) of involvement. You inspired Abraham Lincoln.

You are propitiated by the twice-born for the salvation of America. You lead the twice-born back to Gokul.

You teach the twice-born through the voice of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. You are adorable and adored by the twice-born. You play and frolic in joy and happiness. The cows of Maharashtra rushed to lick Your Arms. You are the incarnation of gentle graciousness.

You melt everyone's hearts in the honey-like spring of Your Sweetness. You drive the chariot of the five senses. You are the Protector of chaste womanhood. You are fond of the Nirmala Bhaktas. You asked Garuda to answer the call of the Nirmala Bhaktas. You sent Sudarshana Chakra to kill the foes of the Nirmala Bhaktas. You purify all relationships.

You envelop our sisters' chastity in Draupadi's saree. You adorn our brothers with valour and chivalry. You are the flute player of collective charisma. You play rasa with the Sahaja gopis. You are the friend of the Sudhama yogi. You make the Energy circulate through everyone. You establish the link with collectivity. You are the collective Consciousness of the Atma. You break the pitcher that covers the ego. You dissolve ego in etheric Consciousness. You dispel superego in witnessing Consciousness. You feed the roots of the Tree of Life in the brain. You enlighten the cells of the brain. You crown the consciousness of the twice-born. You sustain Adi Shakti's throne in the brain. You are the Lord of inconceivable Majesty. You are the Witness of Your own Bliss. You rule over the ocean of Amrut. You reside at the parting of Shri Adi Shakti's Hair. You lead the play of recognition of Shri Adi Shakti Nirmala Devi. You establish on this earth the dazzling Glory of Shri Adi Shakti Nirmala Devi. You unite the nations of the earth at the Lotus Feet of Shri Adi Shakti Nirmala Devi.

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