The Names of Shri Maria Mahalakshmi

(in Latin)

Om. You are the Power of Evolution, ShrT Kämal-äks)hä Niveshitä säkshät, Lotus-eyed and intent on our evolution, ShrT Dhan-ädhy-äkshä säkshät.

The Overseer of wealth and our ultimate goal, ShrT Ägnya Chakra Antarala-st ha, Standing on the Central Channel and Agnya Chakra, Säkshät ShrT Ädi Shakti Mätäji ShrT Nirmalä Devyai namo namaha. Who is indeed Her Supreme Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in person before us. We prostrate to You in utter devotion.

In Latin:

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