The Names of Shri Vishnu

(Said at the beginning of Puja to invoke the blessings of this Deity)

Om Shrï Keshavaya namaha Om Shrï Narayanaya namaha Om Shrï Madhavaya namaha Om Shrï Govindaya namaha

Om Shrï Vishnave namaha Om *Madhu-sudanaya namaha Om Shrï Tri-vikramaya namaha Om Shrï Vamanaya namaha r

Om Shrï Shrïdharaya namaha Om Shrï Hrishï-keshaya namaha Om Shrï Padma-nabhaya namaha Om Shrï Damodaraya namaha

Om Shrï San-karshanaya namaha Om Shrï Vasu-devaya namaha Om Shrï Pra-dyumnaya namaha Om Shrï Aniruddhaya namaha

Om Shrï Purush-ottamaya namah' Om Shrï Adho-kshajaya namaha Om Shrï Nara-simhaya namaha Om Shrï Achyutaya namaha

Om Shrï Janardanaya namaha Om Shrï Upendraya namaha Om Shrï Haraye namaha Om Shrï Krishnaya namaha

The One who has abundant and beautiful hair. 'The Son of Man' and Refuge of all. The Spring-like Descendant of Madhu. The Lord of Cows.

The All-pervading Supreme Being. The Killer of the demon Madhu. He who covers the three worlds with three steps Incarnated as a short man.

Bearing the Shrivatsa emblem on the chest. The Controller of the senses. The Lotus-navelled Lord. The One who cuts the bonds of materialism

The One who draws everything together. The Most Excellent Son of Vasudeva. The Radiant God of Love. Unobstructed and Ungoverned.

The Supreme Spirit.

The One who is known by turning inwards. The One who incarnated as a Man-Lion. Unchanging.

The One who excites and motivates all beings. The Younger Brother of Shr" Indra. The Remover.

The One who incarnated as Shri Krishna.

Sakshat Shrï Adi Shakti Matajï Shrï Nirmala Devyai namo namah'

Who is incarnated in person as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Salutations to You again and again

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