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Om Twameva säksShät Shrï Mahâ-laks$hmï Mahâ-saraswatï Maha-kalï Tri-gunS-ätmikä KunSdSalinï säksShät Shrï Ädi (hakti Matâjï, Shrï Nirmal! Devyai Namo namaha

Om Twameva säks$hät Shrï Kalki säksShät Shrï Ädi (hakti Mâtâjï Shrï Nirmal! Devyai Namo namaha

Om Twameva säksShät Shrï Kalki säksShät Shrï Sahasrära-Swämim MoksSha-Pradäyim Mätäjï Shrï Nirmalä Devyai Namo namaha

Om, You are the manifestation in person Of the Three Shaktis that rule The three channels and the Essence of their three qualities, The Pure Desire incarnate. The Primordial Power, the Holy Mother, To the Immaculate Goddess, Salutations again and again.

Om, You are manifesting The Rider of the Last Days, Primordial Creative Force, Holy Mother, To the Immaculate Goddess, Salutations again and again.

Om, You are in reality The Tenth Incarnation of Shr" Vis$hn$u, Ruler of the Thousand-petalled Lotus, Giver of Liberation, Holy Mother, To the Immaculate Goddess, Salutations again and again.

Shri Nirmala Devyai namo namaha (x3)

(optional) repeat 3 times when intoned or twice when sung in Raga Jay Javanti.

Mooladhara Chakra

The Mantras for the Deities of the Chakras are as follows:

Left Channel (Id$a NadSi)

Mooladhara Chakra

(Root of Id$a Nadi, the left side, Purity, and Support of the whole system)

ShrT GanSesha (normally said 1, 3 or 4 times with the right hand to the Mother Earth)

Innocence, Wisdom, Auspiciousness,

The Placer and Remover of obstacles.

The Ganesha Atharva Sheersha (page 2) is very powerful for the Muladhara Chakra and the Left Side, also said with the right hand to the Mother Earth.


(3) Nabhi (Manipura)

Shr% Nirmala Vidya (pure knowledge)

ShrT Shuddha Ichcha (pure desire)

ShrT GrSuha LaksShmT

Support, Wifely qualities, Freedom from worries r

ShrT Shiva ParvatT Shri Atma Paramatma

Seat of the Spirit, Consciousness, Love, Joy Place of our physical mother.

Take the mantra 'Om namaha Shivaya'.* -12 times with right hand on left heart.

Sing the bhajan Sat-chit-ananda rupam, Shivo-"ham Shivo-"ham.

Say Shri Mataji'sprayer, 'Mother, please come in my heart' (page17)

(4a) Shri Lalita Chakra

Power of the Left Side (in the left shoulder)

(5) Vishuddhi

Shri Lalita

Shri Lalita Chakra Swamini

Shri Vis$hn$umaya

Self esteem, self respect Brother-sister relationship

Shri Maha-vira ShrT Maha-GanSesha ShrT Maha-Bhairava

Superego, conditionings. Innocence with knowledge of good and evil.

*May also be said Om namaShivgmL

Right Channel


(2) SwadhisSh'Shan

(Root of the Right Side)


(Seat of the Attention)


Shri Karttikeya (Destroyer of demons) Courage to fight negativity, Knowledge.

Shri Brahmadeva Saraswati

Source of mental activity. Creativity, music

Shri Nirmala Chitta

Shri Himalaya Chandram! (cooling)

Shri Hazrat-Ali Fatima

Queenly qualities, serenity.

Shri Sita Rama

Place of physical Father, Embodiment of all Dharmas

Sing the bhajan Raghupati Ragava Raja Ram (page 29)

(4a) Shri Chakra

Power of the Right Side (in the right shoulder)


(Seat of the Ego)

Shri Yashoda

Shri Vit,t,ala Rukmin!

Respect for others, speaking sweetly.

Shri Buddha

Freedom from desires, forgiveness. Freedom from identification from our body. Say Shri Buddhas mantras (page 130)

Centre Channel

(1) Mooladhara Chakra Shri GanSesha

(Support of whole system) Innocence, Wisdom, Auspiciousness,

(1a) Mooladhar Shri KunSdSalinT Gauri Mat!

(Sacrum -Seat of the Kundalini) Pure desire to reunite with God.

(2) NabhT ShrT LaksShmT VisShnSu

(Start of the Central Channel) ShrT LaksShmT NarayanSa

All spiritual and physical seeking and well-being, peace, satisfaction.

N.B. On the central channel the Kundalini rises first to Nabhi chakra, then through the Void to the Swadhishthan.

(3) SwadhisSh'Shan ShrT Brahmadeva SaraswatT

Creativity, disciple principle.

(3 a) Void ShrT Adi Guru Dattatreya

Guru principle, gravity.

(4) Heart ShrT Jagad-amba Durga Mata

Security, fearlessness, protectedness.

Place right hand on sternum bone and say Jay. Jagadambe repeating Jagadambe 12 times.

( can also be said Jay Jagadamba. Jagadambe is the vocative 'O, Mother of the world') Sing the bhajan Jay Jagadambe Mata Bhavani (page 40)

(5) Vishuddhi ShrT Radha KrSisShnSa

Detached witness state, diplomacy, Collectivity and communication.

Put the forefingers in the ears, stretch the head and arms back, and say 'Allah hu Akbar' loudly 16 times ('God is Great').

(5a) Ham!sa Chakra

Shri Ham!sa Chakra Swamini

(with the tip of the right forefinger between the eyebrows) Discrimination, seeing ourselves clearly.

The Yoga exercise Pran*ayama is good for Hamsa. (Alternate breathing through the nostrils)

(6) Agnya Shri Yeshu Maria

Shri Jesus Mary Mata

Shri Mahavis$hn$u MahalaksShmT

Forgiveness, Identification with Spirit. Tapas - renunciation.

Say The Lord's Prayer (twice) (page43)

Bow the head with the right hand across the forehead and say silently

'Shri Mataji, I forgive everyone'.

(Front Agnya) (Back Agnya)

(6a) Ekadasha Rudras

(top of Void and across forehead)


Shri Maha Karttikeya Shri Maha GanSesha

Shri Ekadasha Rudra

11 destructive powers of Christ, faith in God, Destroys attachment to false gurus and drugs.

The Three Great Mantras. (page 32) Shri Nirvichara (Thoughtless Awareness) Shri Nirvikalpa (Doubtless Awareness) Shri Nirananda (Pure Joy) Integration of all the Chakras and Nadis. Ocean of Divine Bliss.

H.S.H. Shri Mataji has given this alternative as Sahasrara Mantras:-

Om Twameva saksShat Shri Nirmala Devyai namo namaha

-three times.

Shri Nirmala Devyai namo namaha -three times. (optional)

Whole Left Channel ShrT Maha-KalT Bhairava

Id$a Nad$i. Protection against negativity. Emotions, memory, the past

Whole Right Channel ShrT Maha-SaraswatT Hanumana

Pingala Nad$i. Creativity and action expressing love. Physical, mental activity and the future

Centre Channel^^^^^M ShrT Maha-LakshmT GanSesha

Sus$humna Nad$i. Complete peace and surrender.

The present, channel of evolution

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