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The One who gives release from the Three Debts, viz. (1) Brahma-charya, the study of the Vedas for rishis, (2) sacrifice and worship to the Gods, (3) procreation of a son, to the Manes. The plume on the head of Lord Shiva, the Enemy of 'Tripura', a triple fortification, built in the sky, air and earth of gold, silver and iron, by Maya for the Asuras, and burnt by Shri Shiva. 'The Daughter of King Jahnu' the sage who drank up the river in a rage after She flooded his kingdom, but relented and allowed Her to flow from his ear. Carrying away fear. Imperishable.

Affording delight to the eye.

Daughter of the mountain.

Pure and colourless.

Eternally pure.

Adorned with a net of water.

The Stimulator.

Dwelling in water.

Swelling the waters of the ocean.


River made of water-drops. Unmanifest, unevolved. The Resort of the eminent.

Having the same husband as Shri Parvati (i.e. Lord Shiva).

Having beautiful limbs. Beautiful, auspicious, illustrious, etc. Having a dazzling white garment. Dwelling in the forests of the east. Having the crescent moon as a crown.

The One whose water is a rich source of nectar.

Leaping over mountains in sport.

Dwelling in the water-pot of Brahma (or Vishnu, or


Triple-braided by the waters of three rivers: Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati.

Trigun-atmika Sangat-aghaugha samanT

Shanka dundubhi nisvana BhTti hrit Bhogya jananT Bhinna brahmanda darpinT NandinT

ShTghra-ga Siddha r

Sharanya r

Shashi-shekhara r


Shaphari purna Bharga murdha kritalaya Bhava priya Satya sandha priya Ham(sa swarupinT BhagTratha suta Ananta r


-nibhanana Om-kara rupinT Atula

KrTda kallola karinT Swarga sopana saranT Ambhah prada Duhkha hantrT

Shanti santana karinT Darirya hantrT


Samsara visha nashinT Prayaga nilaya STta

Manifesting as the Spirit of the three gunas.

Destroying the mass of sins of Sangata (worldly attachments).

Making a noise like a conch-shell and drum. Carrying away fear. Creating happiness.

Taking pride in the broken egg of Brahma.

Happy. Swift-flowing. Perfect, holy.

Yielding shelter, help or protection.



Full of small shiny fish.

Having Lord Shiva's head as an abode.

Dear to Lord Shiva.

Dear to the faithful.

Embodied in the forms of swans.

Daughter of Bhagiratha.


Resembling the autumn moon.

Having the form of the Om. Peerless.

Sportively billowing. Flowing like a staircase to Heaven. Bestowing water. Destroying sorrow.

Bringing about the continuance of peace.

The Destroyer of poverty.

Bestowing happiness.

Destroying the poison of illusion.

Having Allahabad as an abode.

The eastern-most of the four branches into which the heavenly Ganga divides after falling on Mount Meru.

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