Twameva M t

(You are my mother)

Kshama-prarfhana- a prayer for forgiveness.

Twameva Mata Sa Pita twameva, Twameva bandhu Sa sakha twameva, Twameva vidya Dravinam twameva, Twameva sarvam, Mama deva deva.

Aparadha sahasrani Kriyante aharnisham maya, Daso-yam iti mam matwa Kshamaswa Parameshwar!, Kshamaswa Parameshwar!, Kshamaswa Parameshwara.

Avahanam na janami Na janami tav-archanam, Pujam chaiva na janami Kshamyatam Parameshwar!, Kshamyatam Parameshwar!,

You are my Mother, You are my Father, You are my Relation, You are my Friend, You are my Knowledge, You are my Wealth, You are my Everything,

1 must have committed a thousand sins, In my life both night and day; Please accept me as Your servant,

O Supreme Mother, forgive me, O Supreme Mother, forgive me,

0 Supreme Father, forgive me.

1 do not know how to invoke You, I do not know how to worshipYou, I do not know how to do Your Puja, Forgive me, #di Shakt,

Forgive me, #di Shakti,

Kshamyatam Parameshwara. Forgive me, O Supreme One.

Mantra-h!nam kriya-h!nam Bhakti-h!nam Sureshwar!, Yat pujitam maya Dev! Pari purnam tadastu me.

I have no mantras, I have done no good deeds, I have no devotion, O Goddess of the gods, Yet whatever worship I offer, O Devi, May it be fulfilled by You.

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