Vayu vahana Jivana Sambhava Samvatsara

The Lord of wealth. Golden navelled.

The Sustenance of the body.

The Cause of all beings to eat.

The One who grants liberation.

The One who leads the seekers to the highest abode.

Of Unfailing Efficacy.

The One who Grants our boons.

Beautiful and auspicious to behold.

The One who grants refuge to seekers.

The Giver of happiness to righteous people.

Cherished by devotees.

The Destroyer of the heroic demons. The Adept and Powerful Lord. The Lord of the Immortals. The Highest of the Devas.

Destroying the cities of the enemies of the Devas.

Victorious in war.

Of Unbounded Courage.

Killing the enemies of the Devas.

Terrible to behold

Greatest of the race of heroes.

The One who punishes and torments evil-doers.

The One who brings the whole world into existence.

The Knower of the field, ie. the Spirit as the witness of the body.

The One who has gone beyond all worldly attachments.

The Detached Lord of the yogis. Moving in the form of wind. The One whose vehicle is the wind. The Breath of Life. Manifesting by Your own free will. Presiding over the seasons.





Lok-ädhy-aksha Tri-lok-esha Jagat swämi Yug-ävarta Vistära

Vishva rüpa Ananta rüpa Vishisht*a Mahä-hrada Pary-ava-s'hita S'ha-vish'ha Mahä-vishnu ShrT Kalki

The Bestower of evolution and prosperity. One.

Of many forms.

The Supreme Soul dwelling in all beings.

The One from whom all things stream out.

The Overseer of all the worlds.

The Lord of the three worlds.

The Master of the Universe.

The One who makes the ages turn.

Expansive, embracing the whole Universe.

The Form of the Universe.

Of Infinite Forms.

The Most Excellent of all.

The One whose nature is like a vast lake.

The Supreme Spirit which pervades the Universe

Standing in the Great Form of the Virata.

The One whose evolved form was Lord Jesus Christ.

The Immaculate Rider of the last days.

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