Vidy dhar

Carried away with excitement and joy.

All Joy and Pleasures.

The Dweller on the cosmic ocean of nectar.

Exceedingly lost into the love of Your devotees.

Overflowing with a sea of delightful intoxication.

The Cause of all attraction.

Fond of music and devotional songs.

Enraptured by the Divine instrumental tunes.

The Final Dance of Death.

Four-armed, being Shri Vishnu.

Having ten arms standing for the ten senses.

The Mother with eighteen arms representing the five subtle elements, ten senses and intelligence, mind and ego.

Mother of the Katyayana dynasty.

The Mother of the whole world.

The Supreme Omni-present Spirit of the universe.

The Friend of all.

The Preserver of the entire universe.

The Cause of the bliss of the world.

The Life Force of all living beings of the world.

The Frosty Goddess as the Embodiment of Winter.

The Illusory Creative Force of the Supreme Lord.

Cosmic grandeur and greatness.

Invested with a snake as a sacred thread.

Serpent-like as the speed of time.

Reclining on the cosmic serpent.

Like a Maiden of the Naga race

The Daughter of the Gods.

The Celestial Singer.

The Supreme of the Kinnaras, a type of demi-god.

The Dark Night of ignorance and illusion.

The Great Night of dissolution.

Detachment and rigorous discipline.

The Blinding Radiance to destroy the demonic force.

The Upholder of pure knowledge.

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