Vidyavan gunT ati chatur Ram kaj karibai ko atur

Messenger of Shri Rama, of unequalled strength, Son of Shri Anjani, You are also called the Wind-God's Son.

Powerful and courageous warrior, with

Mighty limbs;Remover of evil tendencies in the mind and friend of wisdom.

O You of golden complexion and well attired,

Youthful, wearing ear rings, with curly hair.

You hold Vajra (the rock) and the flag in

Your hands; With the sacred thread of moonj grass across Your shoulder.

Shining with auspiciousness, O son of Kesari,

Glorious and radiant,You are worshipped by the whole world.

You are highly learned, virtuous and sagacious, You are always anxious to accomplish Shri Rama's work.

8) Prabhu charitra sunibe ko rasiya, You revel in listening to the lore of the Lord,

Ram. Lakhan. STta man. basiya. Enshrining in Your heart Shri Rama,

Lakshman and Sita.

9) Sukshm. rup. dhari siyahim dikhava, You appeared before Shri Sita in a tiny

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