VilasinT Amogha BhogawatT Sukhada

Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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The Compassionate Mother, very Beautiful to Your children and Terrifying to their enemies.

The Goddess who fulfils all desires like the Divine

Milk-cow of Sage Vasishta.

The One whose form is desire and love.

The Bestower of boons.

The Cause of the Joy of the world.

The Life-force of the world.

The One who wields a skull as a thunderbolt.


Dwelling in the ocean of nectar. Sleep.

Generating and presiding over the Tamo Guna.

Pleasing everyone.

The Embodiment of Universal Joy.

The Highest Form of Divine Bliss.

The Most Fitted for all adoration and worship.

Residing in the purest lotus.

The Sacred Immutable Object of adoration.

The One who showers kindness on every creature.

The Auspiciousness of the Cosmos.

Perfect, Complete.

Charming and Playful.

The Mother whose darshan seldom goes unrewarded. The Supreme Enjoyer of the Universe. Bestowing perfect happiness on Your devotees.


Madhu kaitabha-hantrl

* Mahish-asura ghatinT

* Raktablja vinashinT

* Narak-antaka Ugra chand-eshwarT

KrodhinT Ugra prabha Chamunda Khadga palinT Bhasvar-asurT

*Shatru mardinT Rana pandita Rakta dantika Rakta priya KapalinT

Kuru-kulla virodhinT

Krishna deha Nara mundalT Galat rudhira bhüshana Preta nrittya parayana Lola jihva

KundalinT Naga kanya

Pati-vrata r

Shiv-asangT VisangT

Bhüta-pati priya Preta bhümi kritalaya


The Killer of Madhu and Kaitaba. The Slayer of Mahish-asura. The Destroyer of Raktabija. The Destroyer of Narakasura. The Fierce and Angry Goddess.

The Cosmic Wrath.

Radiant with fury.

The Killer of Chanda and Munda.

The One who rules by the sword.

The One whose fierce radiance destroys the demonic forces.

The Slayer of the enemies of the saints. The Teacher of the science of wars and battles. The One whose sparkling teeth are red with blood. The One who is fond of blood. Holding a skull in Your Hand.

Confronting demonic hosts and all the sins of the world.

Dark bodied.

Wearing a garland of human skulls.

Decorated with dripping blood.

The Spirit of the cosmic dance of dissolution.

Having a rolling tongue, insatiable for the blood of demons

The Pure Desire of the Holy Spirit.

The Most Excellent Naga Maiden (a race of half-snake demons)

The Devoted Wife.

The Eternal Companion of Shri Shiva.

Without any companion.

Fond of Lord Shiva, the Protector of Spirits.

Dwelling in the land of bhoots and ghosts.

*Daityendra mâthinï Chandra swarupinï Prasanna padma vadana Smera vaktra Su-lochana Su-dantï

Sindur-aruna mastaka

Su-keshï Smita hasya Mahat kucha

Priya bhashinï Su-bhashinï Mukta keshï Chandra koti-

-sama-prabha Agadha rupinï Mano-hara

Mano-rama Vashya

Sarva saundarya nilaya Rakta

Swayam-bhu kusuma-



-kusum-on-mada r

Shukra pujya r

Shukra-s'ha r

Shukr-atmika r

Shukra nindaka nashinï Nishumbha-shumbha--sanhantrï

The Slayer of the demon chiefs.

Of the form and cooling radiance of the moon.

Having a bright, smiling lotus-like face.

The Divine Mother with smiling countenance.

The Goddess with beautiful eyes.

Having marvellous glittering teeth.

The One whose forehead is adorned with vermilion.

With magnificent long, dark hair. Eternally smiling to Your devotees.

The One whose heavy breasts give milk to the whole universe.

Gifted with loving eloquence. The One who speaks sweetly.

The Goddess whose unfettered hair grants Liberation.

Shining with the lustre of ten million moons.

In the Form of Unfathomable Depth. Magnetic and Beautiful, winning all hearts.

The One whose Divine Grace and Charm pleases all. The Celestial Charmer enticing all in Your web of love.

The Home of all beauty. Red with blood.

The Life Energy of the blossom of the Self-existent, i.e. the Universe- the Chakras and realised souls are also Self-created flowers.

_ j _ Intoxicated with the self-created flowers.

Worshipped as the whiteness of purity. Surrounded by a halo of purity and whiteness. The Soul of purity and sacredness. The Destroyer of those who scorn holiness.

The Slayer of Shumba and Nishumba.

Vanhi mandala-

-madhya-sth! Vïra jananï *Tripura malinï Karalï Pashinï Ghora rüpä Ghora dansht*r! Chandï Sumatï

Punya-da Tapaswinï Ksham! Taranginï

Shuddha Sarveshwarï Garishtha Jaya shâlinï Chinta-manï Advaita bhoginï

Yogeshwarï Bhoga dharinï Bhakta bhavita

Standing at the centre of the circle of cosmic fire. The Mother of the brave.

Wearing the demon Tripura's head as a necklace. Having a gaping mouth at the time of dissolution. Holding the noose of death. The One having a Terrifying Form. Having Fierce Jaws.

Angry with evil tendencies in Your disciples. The Mother of the purest wisdom.

The Giver of all virtues. The Supreme Ascetic. The Ocean of Forgiveness. Bubbling with life and energy. Saintly purity.

The Presiding Goddess of the universe. Manifesting joy at the sight of Your disciples. Abundantly Victorious. The Wish-fulfilling Gem. The Enjoyer of non-duality.

The Greatest of Yoginis. The One who supports enjoyment of life. Giving transformation to Your devotees.

Sadhak-ananda santosha Fulfilled by the Joy of Your disciples.

Bhakta vatsala

Bhakt-!nanda-mayï Bhakta shankarï

Bhakti samyukt!


Cherishing those who worship You as Your own children.

The Source of the Joy of Your disciples.

Giving well-being and auspiciousness to Your devotees.

The One to whom we get connected through devotion.

Unstained Purity.

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