Vishveshvari tvam paripasi vishvam

O Queen of the universe, protect the universe, Vishvatmika dharayas!ti vishvam,

O Self of the universe, You support the universe, Vishvesha-vandha bhavat! bhavanti,

O One adored by the Lord of the universe, Vishva-shraya ye twayi bhakti namraha.

Those who bow to You in devotion become the refuge of the universe.

Pranatanam prasida, O Devi who remove the afflictions of the universe,

Tvam Devi vishvarti-harin!, Be gracious to us who have bowed to You, Trai-lokya-vasinaminye, Worshipped by the dwellers of the three Worlds, Lokanam varada bhava. Be Boon-giver to all the worlds.

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