Yogananda kari ripukshayakar dharmarhanishha kari

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Giving the bliss of Yoga and destroying insincerity, the Source of righteousness. Chandr-ark-anala-bhasa-mana lahari trailokya raksha-kar!, Light of the Moon, the Sun, and the mind, the Protector of the three worlds, Sarveshwarya-kari tapah-phala-kar! Kashipur-adh!shwar!,

Supreme Ruler of all and reward of our austerities, O Empress of Kashi, Bhiksham-dehi Krip-avalambana-kar!, Matanna Purneshwar!, (3)

Giver of abundant sustenance, Compassionate One on whom we depend, He Mata Nirmal-eshwar! O Supreme Mother Anna Purna.

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