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Altered state of consciousness in 8 minutes

Deeper Meditation and Altered States are guaranteed with these products Does it Work? The simple answer is yes it does. These products are designed to work directly on the brainwave activity itself using a technique called frequency following. These products do NOT contain music or subliminal messages. Overwhelming scientific evidence suggests that accurate brainwave entrainment is not effective when embedded in music or accompanying subliminals. Vocal or musical content is only appropriate when attempting to work in the lighter alpha frequency ranges. Each product is available by download. You will have instant access. Read more here...

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The brain and the mind

You may be wondering why we have so positively differentiated the brain and the mind. The answer is simple and obvious, namely that they are different entities. However, you should not accept our word for this, but find out for yourself through the practice of yoga. Modern science is already starting to indicate this distinction and the following are a few examples of the discoveries of modern neuroscience that show this. Neurological investigations have found that the brain does not store...

Meditation For The Sixth Chakra

The Sixth Chakra is located where the root of the nose reaches the skull. This chakra, the pituitary gland, controls the entire glandular system. Posture Sit in easy pose, with a straight spine. Meditation Look at the tip of your nose the lotus tip for 11 minutes a day between the hours of 4 am and 8 am local time and you shall control the entire glandular system for the next 24 hours and the chemistry of the blood will change for the better.

Yoga Is Healing Power

Yoga is a boon to the healthy body, but it can also be of supreme benefit to the body in need of healing. Of course, the best route for a healthy person to take is one of prevention. Healthy habits, maintenance of the body, peacefulness of mind, and calmness of spirit will go a long way toward protecting you from compromised health. Yoga is great preventive medicine, because it keeps all of you body, mind, attitude, outlook, immune system in top form. Your spine, the Grand Central Station of...

Meditation For The Fifth Chakra

Posture Sit in easy pose, with a straight spine. Position Thumb and forefinger are in gyan mudra, the other fingers are relaxed and slightly curved. The hands are on the knees. The neck is absolutely straight with the chin pulled in. This is Jalandhara Bhand or neck lock. The chin rests in the notch between the collar bones at the top of the breast bone. The head stays level without tilting forward. The spine in the neck is straight. The chin is pulled in, the chest is out and there is little...

Chandra Namaskara Moon Salutation

Chandra Namaskara Sequence

This vinyasa restores vitality, strength, and flexibility to the entire body. It also improves digestion through the continual compression of the intestinal tract. Chandra means moon, and just as the sun salutation greets and honors the sun, so chandra-namaskara pronounced SHAHN-drah-nah-MAHS-kah-rah greets and honors the moon. Try practicing this vinyasa outside on a clear evening when the moon is in full view. Serenity Quite an energetic sequence of poses The moon is a lunar emotional yin...

Adho Mukha Vrksasana Handstand

Wall Handstand Yoga

In adho mukha vrksasana pronounced AHD-hoh MOOK-hah vrik-SHAH-sah-nah , adho mukha means face down, and vrksa means tree, so just as headstand is mountain pose upside down, handstand is tree pose upside down. To properly perform this face-down tree pose or handstand, your arms must be strong. Practice the downward facing dog pose adho mukha svanasana, described in Chapter 18, Take the Forward Path to develop your arms and prepare your body for the handstand. The handstand gives you tremendous...

Kavi Yogiraj Mani Finger

Sharon Discorfano

EXHALE SPA CORE POWER YOGA NORDSTROM THE SPORTS CLUB LA MAHA YOGA PARAGON SPORTS Yoga, by definition, is one thing union. But the methods used to achieve that union are many. By some counts, there are hundreds of styles. To help you understand what's on offer, we've created this guide to prominent yoga styles. What to expect Anusara offers a playful, uplifting approach to an alignment-focused practice, including storytelling, chanting, and the life-affirming values ofTantric philosophy. Every...

Yoga For All Seasons

Lu spotswood, 41 laughing Gull Loop, p.o. Box 214, north, va, 23128 p 804 815-3309 luspot Teaches group hatha and gentle yoga classes at various locations in Gloucester, Mathews, and Middlesex counties and offers private yoga therapy sessions in client's home. Ursula cox, Tanya Zimmerli, 46090 Lake center plz., potomac Falls, va, 20165 p 703 795-8400 ursula_innerpoweryoga Vinyasa classes and workshops in the Ashtanga and Baptiste tradition in a beautiful...

Tantra Mantra and Kundalini Yoga

Mani Padme Hum Written Sanskrit

Tantra, Mantra, and Kundalini Yoga are grouped together here because they are all somewhat different than the other types of yoga. Although they share many practices and ideas, Tantra, Mantra, and Kundalini Yoga are more esoteric than other forms of yoga. Tantra Yoga involves the study of sacred writings and rituals. Mantra Yoga is the study of sacred sounds. Kundalini Yoga is the study of kundalini energy movement Karma is the law of cause and effect, or what goes around comes around....

Meditation Forthe First Chakra

Posture Sit in a comfortable position such as easy pose, making sure that your spine is straight. Starting Position Your arms are held out to your sides with the elbows bent and the palms of your hands facing each other. The palms are angled towards each other at a 60 degree angle. To put the hands in the correct position, begin by holding them with the palms facing downward. Tilt the inner edge of each hand up 60 degrees so that the thumbs and forefingers are the highest part of the tilted...

Off to a Good Start with Yoga

The 5th Wave Rich Tennant Yoga

Okay, you've got -the breathing dovm, but wouldn't you be more comfortable in a different -workout suit oga is very comprehensive and includes a great variety of approaches. Before you go off hiking in the countryside, you need to take a quick look at the map or risk getting lost. Likewise, before you start experimenting with Yoga, you want to know what it is and how it works. That's how you can ensure that your practice of Yoga is both enjoyable and safe. In this first part, we give you a road...

The Airbag Effect

Key Muscles

Contracting the abdominal muscles compresses the abdominal organs and provides additional support to the muscles surrounding the lumbar spine. This mechanism comes into play when we lift a heavy object and valsalva. This concept can be applied during yoga postures. Only light contraction is necessary to benefit from this action. Light contraction of the abdominals in back bends also opposes hyperextension of the lumbar spine and tones the abdominals through eccentric contraction . Contracting...


Gillian Risebury

For more information, syllabus or brochure call 773-342-4600 or visit our website at happens to them now doesn't matter. She is very thankful to receive them. It is so wonderful to meet her in the flesh, to introduce our children to each other, to hug her and look into her eyes and share a few moments. When we have the opportunity to witness last year's graduates from the WFW program giving testimonials of all they have learned and how much they have changed, I feel so happy...

The Manifestation Mantra and Meditation

The sound Ah has the ability to attract everything to you. This chapter contains two techniques you can use for manifestation, the Ah meditation and the Ara Kara mantra. Both contain the powerful Ah sound. The sound Ah has the ability to attract whatever you strongly and clearly desire. The sound Ah is a key component of the Ara Kara manifestation mantra that has been kept secret for many centuries. Ara Kara is a resonance chord for prosperity, perfect health, and enlightenment. Ara Kara Alters...

Balancing cat

Balancing Cat Yoga

As you inhale, raise your left arm and right leg to a comfortable height as Figure 8-2 illustrates. 4. Stay in Step 3 for 6 to 8 breaths and then repeat Steps 1 through 3 with opposite pairs right arm and left leg . This posture is a variation of cakravakasana pronounced chuk-rah-vahk-ah-sah-nah . The cakravaka is a particular kind of goose, which in India's traditional poetry is often used to convey love bird. Apparently, when these birds have paired up and then are separated, their...

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