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Directing The Circulation

Lying down or sitting erect, breathe rhythmically, and with the exhalations direct the circulation to any part you wish, which may be suffering from imperfect circulation. This is effective in cases of cold feet or in cases of headache, the blood being sent downward in both cases, in the first case warming the feet, and in the latter, relieving the brain from too great pressure. In the case of headache, try the Pain Inhibiting first,

Yoga Helps You Maintain Recover or Improve Your Health

Disturbance, chronic headache, and lower back pain. Yoga can help improve your cardiovascular functions, digestion, and eyesight and even enable you to control pain. You can practice Yoga as both remedial and preventive medicine. You can't find a cheaper health and life insurance policy Moreover, Yoga is pain-free. In fact, Yoga helps overcome all forms of suffering (see Chapter 20).

Meditation Practice

Ifyou read a poem a thousand times and try to analyze it logically or from the viewpoint of everyday experience, then you will gain nothing - only a headache. First try to understand the surface meaning of the words and then reflect on their deeper significance. Ifyou only come up with an intellectual understanding that you can easily discuss with another person, then discard it. Reject it, for the poem means far more. Let the content ofthe poem gravitate to deeper levels of your being. Develop an intense need to know what the poet is really trying to express. If you find the answer you will definitely know it will hit you like a thunderbolt. It will shatter all your previous conclusions, convictions and understanding.

Standing forward bend Uttanasana

The Sanskrit word uttana (pronounced oo-tah-nah) means extended, and this posture certainly fits that bill. The standing forward bend (see Figure 7-2) stretches the entire back of the body and decompresses the neck (makes space between the vertebrae). In the upright posture, the cervical spine and the neck muscles work hard to balance the head. Because most people generally don't pay enough attention to this part of their anatomy, they tend to accumulate a lot of tension in their necks, which can lead to headaches. This posture frees the cervical spine and allows the neck muscles to relax. It also improves overall circulation and has a calming effect on the body and mind. The following steps walk you through the process.

Occult Therapeutics

(III) Headaches may be relieved by having the patient sit down in front of you, you standing back of his chair, and passing your hands, fingers down and spread open in double circles over the top of his head, not touching his head, however. After a few seconds you will actually feel the passage of the magnetism from your fingers, and the patient's pain will be soothed.

Youre stiff as a board

People with tight muscles tend to be protective and guarded in their movements. They don't have the confidence to move freely. This lack of confidence hinders their movements and makes them even stiffer. Eventually, they may develop bad posture, which can lead to other health problems, including chronic back pain and chronic headaches (see Chapter 14). Bad posture can compress the internal organs, causing poor digestion, high blood pressure, and respiratory ailments.

Extend Calves And Heels Away From The Pelvis

The act of folding over yourself in a pose like Paschimottanasana Seated Forward Bend) is like retreating into your own personal cave. Distractions recede from your awareness, making way for introspection. Paschimottanasana is also thought to improve digestive function, calm your mind and nerves, relieve headaches and menstrua cramps, and increase agility in your hips, legs, and lower hack. Stretches hamstrings and back Relieves menstrual cramps Reduces headache

Sarvangasana Shoulderstand

Foundational Inverted Postures

Sarvangasana (pronounced SAHR-vahn-GAH-sah-nah) is a great inversion that stimulates the thyroid gland and the Mercury chakra (located in the throat). It reverses the pull of gravity on your internal organs and reduces the strain on your heart, because your heart doesn't have to work as hard to pump to the extremities when inverted. The shoulderstand helps with varicose veins purifies the blood nourishes the brain, lungs, and heart strengthens the eyesight and is a great headache remedy.

Kriya Yoga An Introduction

To concentrate they tend to become more tense and develop headaches, the opposite, of course, to what is intended. After a short time they become frustrated, start to lose interest in the practices and start to scratch, fidget and generally feel uncomfortable. They start to pen their eyes and their awareness begins to wander more than it did before the start of the practices. There seems to be a reaction to this concentration and their mind rebels and does exactly the opposite to what is intended. With kriva yoga, however, there is a noticeable difference. Because they are not asked to concentrate deeply, only to do their practices,

Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation for Evolutionary Change

Visualize or feel each individual sound come in the crown chakra at the top of the head, down through the middle of the head and out to infinity through the third eye. This is very important and must be done with each sound. It is an essential part of the cleansing process. If this part of the meditation is not done, you may experience a headache.

Rest immediately after completing practice

When you have completed shankhaprak-shalana and the two supplementary practices then you should take complete rest for forty-five minutes. Don't sleep merely sit quietly. If you wish you may lie down, but we emphasize that you take care not to fall asleep. If you do sleep you may get a thumping headache. This short period of time is important for your whole digestive system to take a well-earned rest. Rarely does your digestive system take total rest, for it is almost continually digesting food. Even when it is not digesting food, it does not completely rest, for then it takes the opportunity to clean out the digestive tract of debris, impurities and waste particles of food. This forty-five minutes is a time for the digestive system to revitalize itself.

The Truth of Dukkha We are vulnerable to a multitude of suffering experiences

Although suffering is the usual translation for Dukkha, the term really has three aspects. First, it characterizes a world in which there is a great deal of unhappiness, ranging from abject pain, loneliness, anxiety, hunger, being with hateful people, and loss of those we love, to unpleasant states of feeling such as anger, disgust, tension, and boredom, to mild discomforts both chronic (e.g., life is meaningless ) and occasional (e.g., a headache). We see explosions of Dukkha in the Holocaust, wars, and natural disasters. But, we also see it flare up again and again in the daily commonplace of disappointments, frustrations, insults, and embarrassments.

Different methods of regulating prana

Each of us fluctuates between periods of mental and physical activities. Generally, because of the type of work that each of us does we tend to either do too much mental work or too much physical work. We are either too introverted or too extroverted. There are times when we attempt mental work yet find it more difficult than usual. We generally force ourselves and end up with a headache or in a bad mood. At other times we want to do some physical work yet our mind is not on the job we are thinking of everything else but the physical work involved. At other times just the opposite is the case - mental work comes easily and without effort or conversely we can do physical work with zest and enthusiasm. There are auspicious times when we are tuned in to certain types of work. If we are introverted then we are more likely to successfully undertake mental tasks if we are extroverted then we are more likely to accomplish physical or active work with more success.

Yoga nidra as a healing method

We feel that yoga nidra is a method that should be adopted more widely in hospitals. It can be used to calm patients and aid recovery from various types of diseases by encouraging activation of the self-curative functions of the body. It can be used, for example to treat the following ailments asthma, diabetes, headache, migraine, stuttering, neuro-physical disturbances such as neurasthenia, peptic and duodenal ulcers, hypertension, rheumatism, cancer, hormonal imbalance and related ailments, sexual problems of all types.

Pranayama Or Regulation Of The Vital Energy

No shouting by people could wake him and the door had then to be broken open.' Even shaking of his body by others could not bring him to consciousness probably his Pranas were locked up in a centre and could not move up or down. His Guru came and keeping his palm on the forehead of the student, he uttered OM, thrice. The practitioner came to his consciousness. People thought he had attained Samadhi, but, to everyone's surprise, he was the same old person, with all his negative qualities, and exhibited no signs of one who had tasted Samadhi. Later, on his death, his body got so decomposed and melted that it could not be lifted and had to be swept. The student had no spiritual illumination, but only got into a knot through wrong Pranayama and spoiled his health in the end. Hence the insistent warning given in all scriptures of Yoga. The Prana should not be forced to get concentrated in any part of the body. One should not concentrate on any spot of the body above the neck,...

Oh My Aching Head

It's the rare individual indeed who can say he or she has never suffered from a headache. Unfortunately, it's often difficult to find the source of a headache. Headaches can be caused by a negative reaction to a certain food, air pollution, allergies, sinus problems, eyestrain, stress, and any number of other factors. Try eliminating suspected sources of regular headaches, such as caffeine, poor posture, or a particular food. If your headache is severe or your headache patterns change, see a doctor. For occasional, irregular headaches, however, your best bet may be to step up your yoga practice to put your body in the best possible condition for curing itself. For headache relief, try the following Practice inverted postures where your head is lowered briefly. These may help a headache, because inverted postures increase the flow of oxygen to the brain.

Taking medicines

The placebo effect is much stronger in the phase than in reality since all actions occur in a highly modified state of consciousness and are perceived directly. Object locating techniques may be used to find medications used to treat existing problems. It is also possible to create self-made substances to produce the desirable effect. For example, in case of an acute headache in reality, a practitioner may take a painkiller while in the phase and its effect will be partially felt in the wakeful state.

Chair forward

If you find this pose strains your shoulders, you can rest your arms by your sides as you bend forward. You should use caution performing Chair Forward Bend if you have high blood pressure or a headache. sitting in a chair all day at work. How can I modify the pose if I have high blood pressure or a headache

The master plan

The distinctive feature of kriya yoga is that concentration is not forced it spontaneously arises as a consequence of performing the mechanics of the kriyas. Often concentration is forced during meditative practices which leads the individual nowhere, only to a headache and frustration. Many people grit their teeth, tense their facial muscles and light their mind in an effort to bring about concentration. They do this because they know that concentration is an essential part of higher yoga practices, and that if they can attain high states of concentration then they will induce dhyana, but dhyana must be spontaneous. Forced concentration is not really concentration it creates tension in the mind, which leads away from the path to dhyana. Practise kriya yoga and concentration will arise. Dharana leads to dhyana.

Deeper Peace

She had trouble sleeping and suffered from intractable migraines that would last up to a week. Her doctors put her on two medicines to prevent them, and two other medicines to repress the symptoms. When they added a Percocet prescription for the migraines, Lillis-Hearne, who'd practiced hatha yoga on and off for years, decided she had to try something else.

How to Use This Book

We tell you the best foods for a yogi to eat and how yoga can address certain physical problems, from migraines to stomachaches and more. Part 7, Yoga for Everyone shows you how to practice yoga with a partner. You'll learn why yoga is great for all the stages in a woman's life, from PMS to menopause. We explain why yoga is a terrific practice for the whole family. Men will love and benefit from yoga, and you'll find out how to introduce yoga fun to your kids. Then, you'll discover how seniors can find renewed energy and health through yoga.

Nal twist

Seated Half Spinal Twist is a stimulating pose that helps to increase the flexibility of your spine. You can also use this pose to relieve headaches or stiffness in your neck and shoulders. Performing this pose also massages your abdominal organs, which helps to improve digestion.

Bend twist

Take caution performing Standing Forward Bend Twist if you suffer from high blood pressure, lower back problems or headaches. You should use caution performing Side Angle Twist if you have had an injury to your back or spine or if you have high blood pressure. You should also avoid this pose if you have a headache.


The effects of Kiai-jitsu will vary according to a Ninja's level of proficiency and are hard to understand by the average person. But just as certain sounds and pitches can cause discomfort and headaches, sound coupled with psychic energy can be used to hurt, stun and even kill enemies. At first a novice will only be able to cause an opponent to hesitate, but his hesitation can provide an opening for attack or escape. At best a novice will only be able to stun an opponent for a few moments. The ability to use Kiai-jitsu improves along with one's Jumon progress. Ninja masters become so aware of the minds of the ignorant that it is an easy matter to attack their minds with telekinetic power through a touch, a shout (as with the shout art), or even a glance.

Sarvangasana I

Advance Sarvanga Asana

The nerves are soothed and headaches - even chronic ones -disappear. Continued practice of this asana eradicates common colds and other nasal disturbances. Due to the soothing effect of the pose on the nerves, those suffering from hypertension, irritation, shortness of temper, nervous breakdown and insomnia are relieved. The change in bodily gravity also affects the abdominal organs so that the bowels move freely and constipation vanishes. As a result the system is freed from toxins and one feels full of energy. The asana is recommended for urinary disorders and uterine displacement, menstrual trouble, piles and hernia. It also helps to relieve epilepsy, low vitality and anaemia. It is no over-statement to say that if a person regularly practises Sarvangasana he will feel new vigour and strength, and will be happy and confident. New life will flow into him, his mind will be at peace and he will feel the joy of life. After a long illness, the practice of this asana regularly twice a...


This is totally incorrect and has caused more constipation in itself by making people worry without reason. If you are constipated then you will know it, for the symptoms will clearly manifest that is, mental depression, loss of appetite, dull headache, possibly nausea, foul smelling breath, thickly coated tongue and a general feeling of heaviness and discomfort in the abdomen.

New Chapter

After her first class in the Yoga Nidra program, Lillis Hearne started sleeping better, By the second class, I knew f was at home, she says. Very gradually, her headaches became more manageable. She dropped her medications. Much more quickly than she'd expected, she went

Kiss PMS Good Bye

When you're suffering from PMS, you probably don't feel very radiant. PMS, or premenstrual syndrome, is a condition that affects a lot of women before the onset of their menstrual periods. Symptoms are as diverse as overall discomfort, bloating, backache, headache, irritability, food cravings, depression, acne, painful or swollen breasts, insomnia, fatigue, even uncharacteristically violent or suicidal behavior. Many women get a little emotional, uncomfortable, and hungrier, but everyone is different, and each woman may experience different symptoms from month to month. Some women experience no symptoms at all.


Neti is also a help in curing sinusitis, ailments of the eyes, nose and throat, tonsillitis, catarrh, as well as inflammation of the adenoids and mucus membranes. It is effective in removing headaches, insomnia and tiredness. Neti has a subtle influence on the various nerves which end in the nasal passages, such as the olfactory bulb and other adjacent nerves which innervate the eyes, ears, etc. This has a very soothing influence on the brain and can help to relieve such ailments as migraine, epilepsy, depression, tension, etc.

Headache Happiness

Headache Happiness

Headache Happiness! Stop Your Headache BEFORE IT STARTS. How To Get Rid Of Your Headache BEFORE It Starts! The pain can be AGONIZING Headaches can stop you from doing all the things you love. Seeing friends, playing with the kids... even trying to watch your favorite television shows. And just think of how unwelcome headaches are while you're trying to work.

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