Lotus Mudra

(Symbol of purity)

Mudra Poses

lets itself be given whatever it needs; and it is given in abundance—it receives much more than it "needs." We enjoy blossoming flowers because they bear joy, the divine countenance, within themselves, and exude it to us.

Do this mudra when you feel drained, exploited, misunderstood, or lonely. Open yourself to the divine force and receive whatever you need— and much more.

Imagine the bud of a lotus flower (or a water lily) in your heart. Every time you inhale, the flower opens a bit more—until it finally is completely open and can absophthelbll sunlight into itself. It lets itself be filled with light, lightness, warmth, love, desire, and joy.


I open myself to nature; 1 open myself to the good that exists in every human being; and I open myself to the Divine so that I will be richly blessed.

Raise your right hand to chest level with the palm facing forward. Place your left hand on your left thigh, in your lap, or on your heart.

We see this gesture in many depictions of deities. It promises the believer protection and freedom from fear. It also shows the strength of the respective deity.

We must remember that fear or fright are basically signs of weakness. The Chinese Five Element Theory shows that, among other things, a weakness in the fire element creates a fear of others, in the wood element it creates a fear of being defined through others; in the metal element it creates a fear of too little or too much distance (loneliness); in the earth and water elements it creates a fear of challenges and life in general. Fear has infinitely many faces, but its cause is always weakness. The greatest commandment of the yogis is nonviolence. The stronger a person is, which also includes strength on the mental-emotional level, the more he or she will be able to live nonviolence, since a strong person is rarely attacked. Many people are weakened as a result of inner conflicts, because of a certain lack of unity within themselves. These inner battles are then carried out in the outside world by attracting the appropriate battle partner. We must keep all of this in mind when we seek refuge in this mudra. However, just doing the mudra

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