Mudra Exercises

jf "s mentioned earlier, a few of the body positions in Hatha f Yoga are also called mudras. I have combined these with

V JL other yoga exercises and put together a beneficial, meaningful series of exercises. I offer it as an additional approach, so you can use it, or not, in keeping with your needs. If yes, then slowly speak the affirmation given at the end of the exercise 1 to 3 times, either after or during the exercise, in your own breathing rhythm.

You can consider this series of exercises to be preparation for meditation or you can practice them after meditation. Particularly when you have been sitting for a longer period of time, the exercises are an absolute relief. They can also be done separate from the meditation period in your morning or evening yoga ritual. Since the effect is considerably dependent upon the thoughts and feelings that come during the practice, I have included an affirmation with each exercise.

umber-up and warm-up exercise

• Form the hands into Atmanjali (Mudra Number 42).

• At first, remain calm, standing for several breaths, while you collect yourself in the heart center.

• Inhale: Stretch your arms upward.

• Exhale: Bring your hands back to your chest, bend your knees and squat down.

• inhale: Come back up, and stretch your arms upward.


I connect myself with the powers of Heaven and Earth.

Effect: Calms and collects the mind; warms up the body.

Warm Exercise
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