Mudras for Coming to Terms with the Past

If we want contentment and peace in our everyday lives, there is no way to avoid clearing out what has burdened us in the past. This doesn't mean looking at the past over and over—but the opposite. We can free ourselves from old resentments, anger, prejudices, feelings of guilt—from everything that weighs on us. The best means to achieve this is forgiveness— forgiving the other person and forgiving yourself. But perhaps we cannot do this alone. Then we can ask our inner wisdom, our higher self, or the Divine within us, for help. Forgiveness, according to Jesus and founders of other great religions, is the most difficult thing, but the best path to finding inner peace. Even if we can just manage to forgive a little, and in time to forgive a little more, then the gateway to a new, light-filled future will open for us. We have only truly forgiven our fellow human beings and ourselves when we can imagine them to be happy and wish them all good things and much love from the depths of our hearts. We must often go through a great deal of pain to achieve this goal.

Mudras 12,32,42, and 47 can help accelerate this process of working through and dissolving old feelings.

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