Suchi Mudra

Suchi Mudra

wanting to cling to everything—the cause for all these unpleasant feelings is often full, and therefore stressed, intestines.

j-IjtrBAL REMEDY: Black alder (Rhamnusfrangula) helps against constipation.

In your mind, see yourself as a generous person, as someone who likes to give unconditionally, and wisely, and who liberally distributes an appropriate portion of your income. See yourself as someone who can also forgive yourself and your fellow human beings; who can toss out old prejudices and other figments of the mind, and risk having new experiences; and who starts every day as a new person with fresh vigor. Let this inner concept become increasingly true in your outer world.


/ let go and give up everything that has been used up in my body, mind, and soul.

Bend your fingers inward and place your thumbs over the ring fingers. Do this with each hand.

Do as needed, or three times a day for 15 minutes.

The Mushti Mudra activates the liver and stomach energy, promotes digestion, and helps cure constipation.

When we show someone our fist, the other person understands this gesture and will react with fear, flight, or counterattack. But this will hardly solve the problem. Unfortunately, this is why aggression has become so disreputable, and many people suppress it to the extent that they hardly even perceive it around them. Immediately living out every aggression in a wild way certainly isn't good either, but neither is suppressing it. We can reduce aggression to a large extent when we find out its cause. There is blind fury and righteous anger—but there are worlds between them. The cause of many physical complaints, such as a weak liver, problems with digestion or constipation, tension, heart complaints, etc., are related to suppressed or uncontrolled aggression. Most aggression is based on not being able to say "no," not being able to set boundaries, letting oneself be driven into a corner, etc. The basic evil is fear.

When aggression arises, it should be let out in the foreseeable future. Make vigorous fists and punch pillows with them, jog, stomp, dance, or even clean the house! Then look for the cause of the aggression and

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