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Ho'oponopono Certification

The Ho'oponopono Certification will teach you some fundamental strategies that will help you do away with all the negative energies. By so doing, you will become a positive person, leading a positive life as well. The program is a creation of two individuals, Dr. Joe Vitale and Mathew Dixon. The former is an actor and has featured in many books, apart from being a professional in the implementation of the law of attraction in ensuring people lead better lives. Mathew is an influential healing musician. The two individuals teamed up to modernize the Ho'oponopono strategy in the program. The program was established following a thorough research and tests. It is a step by step guide that will ensure you successfully let go of your cognizant and intuitive memory, bringing to an end all your problems. The program consists of 8 eight videos, each taking 40 minutes. These videos will explain each and every detail of the program to ensure that you fully understand all the necessary techniques. There is no reason to hesitate. Purchase it today transform your life for good. More here...

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This is one of the best e-books I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

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Subdue Negative Thoughts

Learn to subdue, to purify, to order all your thoughts. Fight against all negative thoughts and doubts. Let sublime divine thoughts come to you from every side. Thoughts of depression, failure, weakness, darkness, doubts, fear, etc., are negative thoughts. Cultivate positive thoughts of strength, confidence, courage, cheerfulness. The negative thoughts will disappear.

Commit Yourself to Growth

Even if you don't choose to practice Yoga as a lifestyle, keep an open mind about Yoga's involvement in your life. Allow it to transform not only your body but also your mind. Don't put a ceiling on your own development or assume that you're incapable of ever achieving a certain Yoga posture or learning how to meditate. Let Yoga gently work with your physical and mental limitations and expand your abilities and help you outgrow useless attitudes and negative thoughts and discover new horizons.

Correcting Wrong attitudes

Yoga's integrated approach works with both the body and the mind, offering potent antidotes to just the sort of attitudes that make you prone to stress, especially egotism, extreme competitiveness, perfectionism, and the sense of having to accomplish everything right now and by yourself. In all matters, Yoga seeks to replace negative thoughts and attitudes with positive mental dispositions it asks you to be kind to yourself. Yogic practice helps you understand that everything has its proper place and time.

Choice of thoughts and images

You can choose any thoughts that you wish, but don't waste your time choosing inconsequential thoughts. Choose negative thoughts in preference to positive thoughts the more unpleasant, the better. Do not waste your time with thoughts such as I will have a bath this morning or What time is it for these thoughts are unlikely to be associated

Thought Power and Practical IdealismIII

Every depressing and disturbing thought that enters your brain, has a depressing effect on every cell of your body, and tends to produce disease. All negative thoughts are forerunners of disease, and they are messengers of death. If you are cherishing peaceful thoughts the whole world will appear cool, but if negative thoughts have spread their kingdom then the world will seem to be a hot furnace. No circumstance compels you to cherish evil thoughts. Do not ruin yourself by your imagination of fate. It has no reality of its own.

Mindfulness and Right Thoughts

This conception, that people lack awareness of crucial needs and emotions, was expanded in recent decades. Pioneers in a relatively new approach, Cognitive Therapy, added that people may also lack awareness of their attitudes and belief systems (see Bandura, 1986 Beck, 1970 Ellis, 1962 Ellis & Harper, 1975). People can have strange thoughts (cf. Wrong Thoughts) and are not aware about just how strange and destructive these thoughts are. For example, people might believe that everything they do must be perfect, or that no one must ever think badly of them. Any deviation from these automatic (and, therefore, unquestioned) beliefs causes intense anguish. Because this is anything but a perfect world, these people experience a great deal of unnecessary misery. A particular Wrong Thought that Ellis (1962 Ellis & Harper, 1975) noted, and that has been widely cited in the literature, is what he calls catastrophizing. This is manifested in thoughts like It's terrible It's a catastrophe I hate...

Keys for Manifestation

If you are around people who give out affluent, healthy, positive vibrations, then your mind will keep company with those thoughts. On the other hand, if you are with people who produce skeptical, negative thoughts, then you will fall victim to these thought processes. It is very important to be around people who are positive and harmonious.

Chapter Dharana Or Concentration

Overpowers the mind, such thoughts would not naturally come to it. But a daily practice will create in the mind Samskaras or impressions which will in course of time prevent the rise of such negative thoughts and, even if they come, they will not be vehement or powerful enough to disturb internal peace. This is the method of 'substitution' in psychoanalysis.

Subconscious Influences

Have a perfect right to take your stand upon the Rock of Truth--your Real Self--and demand your Freedom. These negative thoughts of the world in general, and of some people in particular, belong to the dark side of life, and you have a right to demand freedom from them. You do not belong to the same idea of life, and it is your privilege--yes, your duty--to repel them and bid them disappear from your horizon. You are a Child of Light, and it is your right and duty to assert your freedom from the things of darkness. You are merely asserting the Truth when you affirm your superiority and dominion over these dark forces. And in the measure of your Recognition and Faith, will be the power at your disposal. Faith and Recognition renders man a god. If we could but fully recognize and realize just what we are, we could rise above this entire plane of negative, dark world of thought. But we have become so blinded and stupefied with the race-thought of fear and weakness, and so hypnotized with...

Recognize Your Feelings of Gratitude and Peace of Mind

Feeling bad, we believe, can be a habitual pattern and, in some cases, an addiction. You become so used to thinking negatively that you can't stop doing it, even if you know the consequences. You need to break these negative-thinking cycles and establish a new way of thinking. Six weeks of eating right and exercising regularly seems to be the norm for breaking negative thought patterns. Doing yoga-with-weights exercises can really help you in this regard. The exercises create an internal shift you can step back from your thoughts and notice the same thought patterns appearing again and again. The exercises help you let go of negativity and change how you feel physically and mentally. You'll feel better about yourself, and you won't sweat the little things.

Be Studious Svadhyaya

Svadhyaya doesn't just mean you should read a lot of books. It means studying yourself through introspection. Do you act according to your beliefs Do you say what you mean Are you walking your talk Studious action means paying attention to your physical self. How are you sitting, standing, or walking Do you feel graceful or

Yoga Studies All Religions

Yoga is open to all religions and encourages the study of all religious and spiritual texts. Yoga is not biased, prejudiced, or exclusive. You needn't be a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian, or a Jew, but you may be any of these. Whatever religion you practice, yoga will help you understand your beliefs more clearly and get you in closer touch with your spiritual side.

Pleasures And Pitfalls Of Belief

Pleasure and beliefs can be interrelated. I often pick my beliefs insofar as they will give me pleasure or allay fear and doubt. The beliefs that I am most attached to are the ones that bring me security and certainty, that are comforting and reassuring and allow a more pleasurable state of mind. You can see this for yourself. The more uncertain and frightening the world is, the better your beliefs make you feel and the more you cling to them, and the more they reinforce your worldview.

The importance of practice

Whatever you regard as meaningful in your life is your own business. We do not presume to want to change your beliefs through any type of dogmatic preaching. We are only interested in helping you to gain maximum happiness and fulfilment in life. To attain this there are various systems. The aim of this book is to guide you along your own path utilizing yoga. We are not concerned with the path you tread, only that you tread it as effectively as you can.

Of Other Peoples Experiences

While reviewing and analyzing other people's experiences in this section, the reader should remember that these experiences are based on personal beliefs about the phenomenon, which is why occult terminology and notions may be encountered. However, such aspects of the descriptions are not important. Focus should be given to technique-related actions described in the accounts. The reader should also take into account that some nuances (like experiential realism) are not always clear in the text and that it is not always possible to determine why certain events occurred in the phase experiences described here.

The Celltheory and the Thoughts

Every impulse of the mind, every thought, is conveyed to the cells. They are greatly influenced by the varying conditions or states of the mind. If there are confusion, depression and other negative emotions and thoughts in the mind, they are telegraphically transmitted through the nerves to every cell in the body. The soldier-cells become panic-stricken. They are weakened. They are not able to perform their function properly. They become inefficient.

Alternative visualization

There is no end to the number and variety of stories that can be used for visualization. The example that we have just given is intended to induce tranquillity and elevated feelings. Other stories can be used to stir up negative emotions in the mind as a means to their removal. The following is an example

Meditation practices for removing mental problems

Though it may seem no more than playing with words, we would like to make one point clear namely that subconscious data inherent in mental problems cannot really be removed from the mind. We often say that problems are or should be removed from the mind. This is merely an expression, for in fact all the data in the mind is permanently imprinted there. What we really mean when we talk about removing mental problems is that one's reaction to inner problems or memories is removed. For the purpose of explanation we can say that a mental problem is composed of two aspects the actual data (i.e. cows) and the emotional response (i.e. fear) to that data. Therefore, when a mental problem is removed, what is really meant is that the emotional response has been neutralized. The emotional response is in a sense disconnected with the subconscious data. For example, perhaps one reacts with fear when confronted by a cow, perhaps because a big cow chased you when you were three years of age. When the...

What are mental problems

The most basic mental problem with most people is lack of meaning. Psychiatrists as far back as Jung recognized this basic mental problem. Jung correctly pointed out that the main motivating force in everyone's life is the need to find meaning. This is usually covered over, however, by multitudinous activities or other conflicts in life that make people forget this problem exists. Or, perhaps, it is more true to say that most people participate in so many different activities in their daily life in order to forget that they can see no meaning in their life. Most psychoneurotic problems, as well as many physical problems, are caused by the basic fact that people attach no meaning to life. Everything seems pointless and futile and the despair results in intense negative emotions which can result in the breakdown of mental and bodily functions.

Powers of Thought Their Value

A right thought liberates. Therefore, think rightly and attain freedom. Unfold the occult powers hidden within you by understanding and realizing the powers of the mind. Close your eyes. Slowly concentrate. You can see distant objects, hear distant sounds, send messages to any part not only of this world, but of the other planets as well, heal persons thousands of miles off from you and move about to distant places in no time.

Thought Power and Practical IdealismI

Altar of truth demands the oblations of mental rigidity, harshness, self-assertion, eccentricity and egoism. Train yourself for that truth which knows no partiality, no sex, no wandering gleam, O man. There is stain of error in daily experiences of man. That is why his life is defaced and disfigured. Men have become vinegar for each other's eyes by their wrong thoughts. The ice of ill-will is chilling their heart. Men are bound to each other by every sort of tie, by blood, by pride, by fear, by hope, by lucre, by lust, by hate, by admiration, by every circumstance, but not by spiritual love. This is all due to wrong thoughts.

Change Your Bad Money Karma

Later on when you shower, do the mantra again as outlined. After a shower, take a few flower petals (or even a whole flower) and roll them on your head (around the brain area and forehead), throat, neck, shoulders and chest (heart area). As you do this, pass your bad money karma to the flower petals. Put the mantra Thiru Neela Kantam into each area. Let the negative thoughts about money in your head pass into the flower. Let the bad money karma stored in the throat pass into the flower. Let the financial burdens carried in the right shoulder and left shoulder pass into the flower. Literally let the burden lift off your shoulders. Let any heartache and sorrow about money and finances in your heart pass into the flower. Do not smell the flower petals. Hold them in your right hand as you do the ritual. Imagine that the flower petals have absorbed all your past-life karma and present-life karma and then crush them, saying the mantra Thiru Neela Kantam. Then throw these scapegoat flower...

Divine Grace through Nadi Astrology

Once a Siddha was caught in rain in the woods. It was dark at night, and he looked around for a shelter. He found a house and walked towards it to sit out the rain, as the house was covered. He also found a newly wedded couple taking shelter. The Siddha had a terrible thought suddenly flashing through his mind. That was to kill the husband and take the woman and her jewels. The Siddha examined how this negative idea came to him. He discovered that the house belonged to some robbers, and their thought waves were still floating in the sky, and the Siddha happened to access them. Just as there are negative thought patterns floating in the atmosphere, there are also good ones. The places where good thoughts are floating are called sacred spaces. Usually these are within specially built temples where in ancient times a great being cured the king of a disease or healed the poor, and so forth. To visit a sacred space and to breathe the vibes there is truly therapeutic.

In Search of the Sacred Svadhyaya

Svadhyaya (pronounced svahd-YAH-yah) means inquiring into your own nature, the nature of your beliefs, and the nature of the world's spiritual journey. Accomplished by the study of sacred texts, such as the Bhagavad Gita and the Bible, as well as through self-contemplation, svadhyaya is one of yoga's observances and one aspect of Patanjali's Eightfold Path, as described in the Yoga Sutra (and further explained in Chapter 6, Walking Yoga's Eightfold Path ). Svadhyaya (pronounced svahd-YAH-yah) means inquiring into your own nature, the nature of your beliefs, and the nature of the world's spiritual journey. Accomplished by the study of sacred texts, such as the Bhagavad Gita and the Bible, as well as through self-contemplation, svadhyaya is one of yoga's observances and one aspect of Patanjali's Eightfold Path, as described in the Yoga Sutra (and further explained in Chapter 6, Walking Yoga's Eightfold Path ).

Using Mudras To Heal Physical Complaints

Everyone who has been involved with the healing effect of the mudras emphasizes that a sensible lifestyle and diet must absolutely be taken into consideration. An unhealthy lifestyle usually consists of inferior diet, lack of exercise, and too little fresh air, rest, and relaxation coupled with too much stress, worry, negative thoughts, and negative feelings. Practicing the mudras, together with a healthy diet, routine rest periods, adequate exercise (yoga, jogging, hiking, biking, etc.) will naturally lead to an optimal lifestyle. And this is the basis for health. (Also see Appendix A.)

Pranayama Nadi Shodhana Stage

So far in the first two stages of nadi shodhana pranayama we have described alternate manipulation and control of breath through the two nostrils'. In other words, the aim has been to direct the flow of breath through each of the nostrils separately. There are various good reasons for these practices. Firstly, the ability to control inhalation and exhalation is increased and the breathing rate is decreased at will. From this comes improved respiration, which results in more vitality and better health, as well as greater calmness in daily life situations. Remember that the breathing rate is directly related to emotions. In general, fast unrhythmical breathing is associated with anxiety, anger and other debilitating, negative emotions, while slow, rhythmical breathing is connected with relaxation, friendship, well being and other positive emotions. Practice of stages 1 and 2 nadi shodhana pranayama can help to bring about a more harmonious attitude and way of life.

Place and time of practice

In the early morning, thoughts are likely to be much less compelling, the grosser thoughts having been partially expressed and diminished through dreams. The thoughts that arise in the mind are likely to be more subtle. Therefore, this is the best time to exhaust deeper thoughts in the subconscious realms of the mind. Negative thoughts of this type are likely to have a profound influence on one's being removal of them will bring about vast positive changes in one's life.

The Yogic State Part Immersion

If one considers the asanas as an outsider, observing only what can be seen, they appear to be a dull, tedious activity Raise the arms, lower the arms, turn to the right, turn to the left. There is nothing with any intrinsic intellectual fascination. Nevertheless, the Yoga exercises are not boring one does not feel restless or impatient. The reason is that we are completely immersed in the process. The mind is so busy attending to the breathing, moving, and relaxing that there is no room for impatient thoughts. And if any negative thoughts do appear, we turn from them, bringing ourselves back to the immersed state. Now many, if not most, of our activities in life are equally dull and tedious. We go up stairs and down stairs, put on and take off clothes, pull up weeds, take out garbage, and so forth. What I started to find was that this Yogic state, this condition of calm attentiveness, was transferable to daily living. Here is a representative example.

Occult Therapeutics

Two minds in a common purpose produces a greatly increased directive force, and besides the mind of the patient being turned away from negative thoughts, a greater supply of Prana is absorbed and distributed through the body. The best form of Mental Treatment benefits both the mind and the body of the patient.

Pranayama Practice

The most direct influence of pranayama is feedback into the mind. Correction of bad and insufficient breathing will reflect backwards into the mind. If the emotional aspects of one's being manifest in the physical body, then there must also be an opposite effect. Correct breathing through pranayama, will help to release pent-up emotional blocks and tensions. A rhythmical breathing process leads to a harmonized peaceful mind.

Thought Power for Cultivation of Courage and Love

Destroy ruthlessly the fear-thoughts, selfish thoughts, the hate-thoughts, lustful thoughts, and other morbid negative thoughts. These evil thoughts induce weakness, disease, disharmony, depression and despair. Cultivate positive thoughts such as mercy, courage, love and purity. The negative thoughts will die by themselves. Try this and feel your strength. Pure thoughts will infuse in you a new exalted life.

The impossible possible the role of practice in yoga

This sutra also suggests a simple strategy that we should always add something positive before attempting to give up the negative, that abhyasa precedes vairagya. For it is much easier to let go of a bad habit or limiting belief after we have replaced it with something better. The new pattern provides the strength and stability to release the old and focusing on the new prevents us from dwelling on the loss of the familiar.

Fundamentals of karma yoga

Anyone who is practising or is trying to practise karma yoga does not necessarily need to believe in any religion or in any higher existence. On the other hand, it is not necessary to discard personal beliefs if you have them. Only try to work selflessly, whether sweeping the floor, writing a book, conducting a scientific experiment or doing the household duties.

The Path of Manifestation

The ascent helps us discover our identity as a divine Soul and experience the Light of Universal Truth. Once we are conscious of reality beyond duality, we can use this awareness to clean up our act, to release destructive behaviors and to replace sabotaging beliefs and thoughts with universal wisdom. The descent is the cleansing process--obviously not the most popular phase of our spiritual development However, dealing with our dark (underdeveloped) side is the only way to become self-empowered and liberated. The ascent is supposed to give us the experience of our soul identity, so we don't take our wounds so seriously. A soul perspective greatly facilitates the release of survival programming and neurotic baggage.

Develop the Positive Thinking Habit with the Thoughts and Rituals Scorecard

As the ancient seers have taught, you become what you think. So becoming conscious of the many different thoughts you have each day is a very important step in changing your life. You will be most effective in gaining control over your thoughts if you maintain a daily scorecard of your thought experiences, which you will summarize at the end of each month. Make a copy of the scorecard in this chapter. Each day rate the intensity level of the positive and negative thought experiences you had on the scorecard below, using a scale of 1 through 10 (1 weakest, 10 strongest). At the end of the month summarize your daily scores for that month. Also check the amount of times each day that you performed the noted rituals and remembered the noted thoughts. These rituals are all discussed in this book.

Spiritual Practice for Elimination of Evil Thoughts

This is also a sign of your spiritual upheaval. You will not repeat now the same actions. Your mind will tremble. Your body will quiver whenever a wrong thought of some evil action urges you to do the same act through force of habit. Continue your meditation with full vigour and earnestness. All memories of evil actions, all evil thoughts, all evil promptings of Satan, will die by themselves. You will be established in perfect purity and peace.

Opening Up to Experiences

Consciously remember and reencounter our fears and past traumas. (This meditation will be explained in Lesson 15.) The good news is that as we process our negative emotions with the cleansing power of a divine mantra, they get cleared out. We can free ourselves by going through the pain. Better 120 days of 31 minutes of anguish, than a deep ennui controlling your whole life.

The origin and development of yoga

Yoga was a collection of varied and unrelated techniques, riddled with all types of personal beliefs and superstitions. It is here that the writers of the ancient texts served their greatest purpose by bringing all these different ideas together and integrating them. One of the most successful of these writers was Rishi Patanjali who wrote the text called the Yoga Sutras some time before the birth of Christ. This is still regarded as the classical and authoritative book on raja yoga. In a mere one hundred and ninety six verses, Patanjali has considered the essential philosophy, background, techniques and attainments of raja yoga. In a sense, it can be said that he is the compiler more than the writer, for he took all the important existing practices which were used for many centuries up until his time and

Benefits of Yoga for Children

Yoga is a great tool for stimulating children's imagination and creativity. Children can also become more confident and self-aware by practicing yoga. Yoga also teaches children how to focus and concentrate, which can improve their attention span. Moreover, yoga can help relieve stress in children and help them to better manage negative feelings and anger.

Yoga Sessions for the Time You Have

Here are some great ideas for routines to begin your yoga practice, based on the yoga classes that Joan teaches to her students. Whether you need a relaxing five-minute break in the middle of the workday, or an invigorating full-hour session at home to get you energized, toned, and ready for anything, Joan has suggestions for you. Each sequence of yoga postures helps you focus on something specific. For example, one sequence can hone in on improving your physical sense of balance, while another can help you release anger and negative feelings. Other examples include toning internal organs, building upper body strength, and increasing lung capacity. You'll want to choose the routine that's right for you. And remember, it's not important how much yoga you do, but that you keep practicing, doing as much as you can whenever you can. Yoga moves at your pace, in the time you have

Kripalu Yoga The Style

Kripalu Yoga can be especially beneficial to those individuals seeking to combine the practice of yoga with personal transformation. By engaging himself fully in the practice of Kripalu Yoga and bringing the focus and attention to every detail of the physical postures, a man can relax the body, calm the mind, and strengthen one's self from within. Perhaps more importantly, Kripalu Yoga emphasizes letting go of emotional blocks and regaining the ability to feel fully. This can bring a man back in touch with his feelings, often opening his heart to himself and others. From this place of self-acceptance and emotional connection, the answers to life's questions become clearer and men can enjoy the bliss and inner freedom that is the goal of yoga. The Kripalu Center offers an ongoing assortment of programs that may be of particular interest to men, including workshops in yoga for back care and yoga for men.

Thought Dynamics

Cities of the United States, and he will be struck with the spirit of each place, each having its own personality and characteristics, the result of certain lines of thought on the part of the early settlers of the place, which in turn affected the newcomers, who added their thought emanations to the atmosphere of the place, and so on, from time to time, until the several cities have grown farther apart in their characteristics than have many different nationalities. Let the stranger visit in turn, say Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver, and San Francisco, and he will notice the greatest differences in the characteristics of each place. This difference does not appear so strongly when he talks to individual citizens, but is quite noticeable when he opens himself up to the spirit of the place. People often speak of these characteristics as the air of the place, and the real explanation has been given above - it is the thought-atmosphere of the town. These characteristics...

Why Practice Yoga

When it comes to yoga, idiots just don't exist. Banish the thought that yoga is too esoteric to understand, too mystical, or on the fringe. Forget about the notion that yoga is only for double-jointed people who've been able to fold themselves into a suitcase since birth, or for perpetual 1960s flower children who sit around and chant all day. Negative thinking and stereotypes are contrary to the philosophy of yoga yoga is user friendly. Anyone at any fitness level, and with a wide range of personal and fitness goals can benefit from beginning a yoga practice. Even you.

Lets Get Personal

If you find that, when evaluating yourself, most of your answers are negative ones ( I'm selfish, I have low self-esteem, I don't have very many friends, etc.), nip that negative self-talk in the bud Whenever you catch yourself forming a negative thought, restate it in the positive ( I am aware of my needs, I often put others first, I have a few really good friends ).


Analogous to the distinction made for Right Views there are worldly and exalted right thoughts. Worldly right thoughts begin with eliminating wrong thoughts. Be on guard against all thoughts of ill will. Obsessing that he insulted me, he hurt me, he cheated me is, as the Buddha said, painful and profitless. Be on guard against thoughts of self-pity don't wallow in guilt or worry or your own inadequacies. (Brooding, I like to say, is a Buddhist sin.) Be on guard, also against lustful and envious thoughts. These are all worldly wrong thoughts. Worldly right thoughts, on the other hand, are planful. Suppose someone does something you find offensive. You don't want to be thinking angry, fearful, brooding, or obsessive thoughts, but you want to replace these with what I later call (chap. 28) a problem-solving stance. For example, suppose you are a relatively neat person but your roommate is a slob. You're unhappy about having to live among his scattered clothing and dirty dishes. In this...

Mental Discipline

We must be introspective in the context of living. The anthropologists have coined a useful phrase, the participant-observer. Anthropologists occasionally live in an exotic community for months and years. They may participate in it fully, taking part in rituals, going on hunts, and so forth. But all the time that they are participating they are also observing, gathering their information. Thus are we when we practice mindfulness. At the same time that we are active in the world, alone or relating to others, we must always strive to be aware. Be mindful of your speech and the effect it is having on others, be mindful of your thoughts, especially when they veer from right into wrong thoughts, be mindful of your views. Be mindful of your body in its humblest activities eating, or brushing teeth. Be mindful of your feelings and emotions, those conditions under which your inner world becomes turbulent and those under which it becomes calm. Focusing. Focusing is a...

Bronchial Mudra

People with respiratory problems often also suffer from inner loneliness, isolation, sexual problems, and sadness. To the outside world, these feelings are often successfully played down with humor. Or these individuals bind themselves to others by taking on their duties and concerns. This naturally causes a great deal of stress so that these individuals are pressed for time and out of breath. Since I am all too familiar with such problems, I can perhaps advise you how to get out of this dilemma. It is important to admit your negative feelings and moods for once and take a good look at them. Be aware that even these feelings are like waves on the surface of the water they arise and then pass on. The reason for such feelings is often a general weakness that is caused by shallow breathing since improper respiration doesn't build up the inner reservoir of strength. When it is reduced, weakness occurs not only on the physical level but also in the mental-emotional area. Fear, sadness,...

The ananda kanda

Kalpa vriksha (wish fulfilling tree), kalpaka and kalpa taru, all with the same meaning. It is said to be in Indra's heaven and that it grants all wishes. Of course, this belief is wrapped up in so many stories and myths, but it represents a great truth that at the level of anahata chakra one tends to receive what one wishes for. This is a strange thing, but nevertheless an aspect of the ascent into the realms of higher understanding. One's wishes will tend to bear fruit if the sankalpa (wish or resolve) is strong enough. This applies to both positive and negative wishes. Therefore, a person at this level must be careful not to make negative resolves otherwise there will be destructive and painful results. For example, it is possible to bring about severe illness by mere thought (sankalpa). However, the law of existence makes it generally impossible for people with negative attitudes to ascend to this level. There has to be a degree of self-purification before one rises to the level...

Surabhi Mudra

Mudras Hands

At first, mainly concentrate on your exhalation and imagine how a dark cloud leaves your body each time you exhale. This cloud contains your spent energy, all the waste substances, and every pain. Most importantly, it also contains all your negative thoughts and feelings. After about 20 breaths, also pay attention to your inhalation, and imagine each time that you are absorbing light, which makes your entire body shine. Gradually let the cloud that you exhale become lighter and lighter. In conclusion, let yourself be filled with the brightest light and surrounded by a cloak of light that radiates far out into your environment.


Question them realistically. Are they valid, or am I holding on to those beliefs without any real conviction or reason I have the belief that all people who leave doors open are idiots. Why do I have such a belief It is the same with all our desires. Why do I have such a strong desire to eat five bars of chocolate every day Why do I take such great pains to impress my neighbours The list is endless and you must consider the question yourself. But reflection is important for the process of deconditioning the mind of habituated actions and patterns of thought. Don't suppress your actions under any circumstances but at least try to recognize them and reflect on them.

Lion Breath

Lion Breath helps to make energy move through the body (Figure 3.2). It also helps to expel anger and resentment. This is a good breath to use if your child is having difficulty in releasing feelings. Your child should think about what his problem is, and do several Lion Breaths to get the problem and the negative feelings out of his system.

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