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well being by Catherine Guthrie befriend the body

Yoga can help ease the challenges o f living with an autoimmune disorder.

in 1996, Hillary Rubin was living her dream of working in New York's fashion industry, when a troubling numbness in her legs sent her to the doetor. A battery of tests led to a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disorder that can damage the central nervous system. The leading cause of disability among young adults, MS can impair balance, mobility, and even vision. The diagnosis led Rubin to beginlooking for complementary therapies, including yoga, to support her health even before she began the drug therapy prescribed by her doctors.

Sincc those early days of anger and confusion, Rubin's yoga practice has allowed her to transcend the physical and psychological challenges of MS, which has no cure. Now a full-time certified Anusara Yoga teacher living in Los Angeles, Rubin, 37, is symptom free without medication. The numbness in her legs—at one point so severe she was fearful of collapsing—hasn't come back. Although she's used a variety of alternative modalities to corral her symptoms, including acupuncture and dietary changes, yoga has been her mainstay— the anchor that not only keeps her symptoms at bay but also helps her make peace with an uncertain future. "Thanks to yoga, I see the blessings in life's challenges," she says.

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The Power Of Yoga

The Power Of Yoga

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