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preconceived notion about what it should be. It's almost like they get out of their own way." Bill Donoghue says that the nature of military life can actually leave returning soldiers more open to a transformative experience than civilians arc. "It can be a life-changing experience, sometimes for the better."

That's what happened to Paul Bradley. Since he's taken up yoga, he's experienced a spiritual connection that had been absent even before he went into the service, "Yoga brought spirituality into my life. I had no spirituality be fore. And after, I was just trying to get through the night and forget what I saw in the war."

AN ARMY OF YOGA TEACHERS Yoga has had such a profound effect on vets returning to their civilian lives that many of them want to spread the word. Sue Lynch, a military lawyer, was once on the receiving end of a missile attack while serving in Saudi Arabia in 1990. When she returned home to Boston, she thought she had it together, but PTSD struck her hard. Depression and anxiety made her daily life almost unbearable, and therapy offered little relief. 'A studio opened nearby—I started practicing and said, 'Oh my god, that's it!'" She became a yoga teacher, and now, through her organization, There and Back Again, she is training returning soldiers to teach as well.

Bradley, the Boston firefighter, is going through Lynch's training because he wants to bring classes to the rough streets of Charles town. Patrocinio is taking regular trips from Miami to go through training sessions in Boston as well. "In many ways, it helps you reconnect," he says, "There's a lot of anger and numbness, emotions and feelings because ofthc situations you were put into in combat. Yoga teaches you how to live the moment, how to accept the past, and even let it go. When I first started doing yoga, I didn't realize these things. But it's been very helpful." +

Harper Perennial will publish Neal Pollack's comic memoir, Stretch: The Unlikely Making ofaYogaDude, in August 2010.

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Harper Perennial will publish Neal Pollack's comic memoir, Stretch: The Unlikely Making ofaYogaDude, in August 2010.

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