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Absolute Joy through Chanting Kripalu, June 4-6

32nd Annual Harmony Festival Santa Rosa, CA, June 11 - 13

Summer Solstice Sadhana Espanola, NM, June 17 - 26

Ecstatic Chant Weekend Omega, Sept 3-5

Spirit Fest High View, WV, Sept 17 - 19

Sacred Chant Workshop Clearwater, FL, Sept 26

Christmas & New Year Symposium Bahamas, Dec 22 - Jan 1


Lebanon, NH, Sept 1 Auburn, NY, Sept 7 & 8 New York City, Sept 10 Red Bank, NJ, Sept 12 Philadelphia, PA, Sept 15 Norfolk, VA, Sept 21 Atlanta, GA, Sept 24 Sarasota, FL, Sept 29 Clearwater, FL, Oct 1 Hollywood, FL, Oct 3

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Kundalini Voga as taught by

Vogi Bhajarr

The Voga of Auuareness


anatomy away from the floor and apart when your body is aligned in Shoulderstand, causing a cornucopia of trouble. The obvious solution is to gradually Stretch these musclcs so that your upper arms can eventually reach the floor directly behind you in the pose. In the meantime, you can use props, both to help the stretching process along and to make the Shoulderstand not just bearable but actually enjoyable.

To hold your upper arms closer together, you can practice with a belt looped around them just above the elbows (if the belt makes your arms fall asleep, you should loosen it or take it off). To ground your upper arms, use a wedge-shaped prop or a firm, folded sticky mat underneath your elbows.

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The Newbies Guide To Yoga

The Newbies Guide To Yoga

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