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During one of the glorious breakfasts of fresh fruit, huevos rancheros, black beans, and fresh-squeezed juice, I look out at the ocean and notice how calm and serene it looks. Our morning yoga practice takes place in an outdoor studio perched on a hill above the beach. Seattle-based Ashtanga teacher Troy Lucero leads us through a series of Sun Salutations, standing poses, and loads of Chaturanga Dandasanas (Four-Limbed Staff Poses). My yoga practice has always been strong and dynamic, and I revel in the athleticism this particular class requires. Still, as I move through the practice, I wonder if my drive, my eagerness to assert myself, can be a limitation as much as an asset. Thinking back to the ocean waters, I imagine bringing more stillness to the mat, the board, and life in general.

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Why Go Apply aspects of your asana practice, especially balance and core strength, and elements of yoga philosophy-such as surrender, patience, and humility-to an exhilarating sport that fosters calm and connection with nature.

Tips Many yoga and surfing retreats take place in tropical locations-Bali, Mexico, and Australia to name a few-that offer a chance to enjoy hot weather year-round. If you choose a retreat with a busy schedule, you might want to stay a few extra days to visit with the locals and explore nearby towns or wilderness areas.

In the afternoon, I return to the water for a surfing lesson. The ocean is still quiet, and this time, instead of paddling, I simply float and wait. I watch the palm trees swaying in the wind, waves crashing against jagged rocks in the distance, the sunlight dancing on the smooth sea. And I begin to realize that this quiet moment, the waiting that is often dismissed as a waste of time, is as much a part of surfing as riding into shore. Finally, in the distance I see a small wave begin to arc.

Trip Rundown Via Yoga ( yoga and surf retreats run year-round. Prices start at $2,395 for seven days and six nights at Villa Amor, an open-air oceanfront villa in Sayulita, Mexico. The package includes two yoga classes and surfing lessons daily, breakfasts and three group dinners, a day trip to nearby Punta Mita, massage, and airport transportation.

More Around the World

Liquid Yoga + Surf (liquidyoga in New York and Costa Rica; Lucero Surf Retreats ( on Costa Rica's Pacific coast; Milagro Retreats (milagroretreats .com) in British Columbia; Samudra ( in Australia, Morocco, and the Maldives; and SwellWomen ( throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

I turn my board around, paddle strongly, not rushing anything, and finally push up to standing. The water lifts up my board, and I surf toward the sandy beach.

When I return to California, I'll take with me a new love of surfing. But more than anything else, I'll have found the willingness to surrender to the quiet moments, the downtime, in yoga and any action-packed experiences to come. *

Elizabeth Winter is a writer and yoga teacher.



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