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kulae is an eco-friendly, green yoga company with a mission to support your practice while preserving our environment.

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Yoga Stick-e® Socks have a unique patented design that creates a barefoot feeling! They feature exposed toes and an exclusive non-slip, smooth, Stick-e® sole. There are no bumps to feel through the fabric for better comfort, gripping, and safety! Also, try Yoga Stick-e ® Gloves for a secure grip!

Introducing the tpECOmat and tpECOmat plus

Step into the next generation of eco yoga mats, where style meets function. These mats are the most practical, hygienic, eco-friendly mats on the planet. And, as an added bonus, kulae mats don't have that "burnt tire" odor associated with traditional rubber mats.

We at kulae believe karma's real™...that what goes around comes around and that we all have a responsibility to our communities and to each other. With that in mind, 5% of our proceeds are donated to various children's charities.

Join us in living green.

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Lessons In Gnagi Yoga

Lessons In Gnagi Yoga

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