apart. Exhale, tilt the tailbone up, lift your pelvis, then pull the ribs up. Inhale and lift the chest toward your face. Exhale and press down through the feet. Tilt the tailbone up more. Relax your neck, face, eyes, and brain. Beginners, hold for 5 to 8 breaths; intermediates, for 10 to 15. To release, place your upper back on the floor, then your middle back, and finally your low back. Keep tucking your tailbone up as you gradually lower your spine.

8 Dolphin

Come onto your forearms and knees. Inhale and broaden your upper back. Exhale and wrap your shoulder blades toward your armpits, activating your back, chest, and armpit muscles. Inhale and curl your toes under; exhale and straighten your legs. Inhale, press your forearms into the floor, and lift the weight of the torso out of the shoulders. Exhale, reach your heels down toward the floor, and relax your neck. The head is off the floor. Beginners, do 5 to 8 breaths; intermediates, do 10 to 15. Release to Child's Pose.

9 Agni Sari in Horse Stance

Stand with your feet 3 feet apart and bend your knees. Press the heel of your hands into the crease of your thighs. Exhale through your mouth, hold the breath out, and bring your chin toward your chest. Pull your belly back from the roots of your pelvis into Uddiyana Bandha. Relax your belly but hold the breath. Continue: pull the belly in and relax it, repeating until you must inhale. That's one round. Beginners, do 2 to 3 rounds; intermediates, 4 to 6.

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