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nicki doane

A student of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois since 1991, cover model Nicki Doane says her once-highly physical practice has evolved to include more philosophy—a shift she brings to her teaching. "We want to teach people to be sustainable in their practices, to start slow and steady and to continue that way," says Doane, who teaches with her husband, Eddie Modestini. With two kids (io-year-old Maya and 8-year-old Matteo) and a busy schedule (teaching weekday classes in Sebastopol, California; traveling most weekends for workshops and conferences; and holding regular intensives at the couple's Maya Yoga studio on Maui), practicing sustainability on and off the mat is key "To have a stable center that will contain you throughout your life is a great gift," says Doane.

gillian comstock

Yoga teacher and holistic psychotherapist Gillian Kapteyn Comstock has always found inspiration in nature, and often hikes through the 158 acres she owns with her husband, Russell, in Lincoln, Vermont. Certified in Jivamukti and Kripalu yoga, Comstock blends yoga and ecology in classes at the couple's yoga studio and retreat center, Metta Earth Institute. (Read about her approach to asana in the outdoors in "Call of the Wild," page 54.) "Nature reminds us of the universal law of change; indeed, the only permanent thing is change," she says. "This is easily forgotten when we practice in buildings and more static environments."

cyndi lee

OM Yoga founder Cyndi Lee wants students to take ownership of their yoga. "It's really not a practice until it's personal. Then you start to see the fruits of the practice—and also in your life," says Lee, who wrote "Light Up and Fly," this month's Master Class (see page 69). Constantly evolving, OM Yoga is a reflection of Lee's eclectic interests,

incorporating Iyengar and Jivamukti yoga as well as her training with Rodney Yee, plus her dance and choreography background and her study of Buddhism. "For me, the asana practice is a vehicle for cultivating mindfulness," she says. Lee is the author of five books, including Toga Body, Buddha Mind. She lives in New York City with her husband, dharma teacher and musician David Nichtern, and their beloved dog, Leroy Brown.


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The Newbies Guide To Yoga

The Newbies Guide To Yoga

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