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guided meditation by Frank Jude Boccio be the sky

Practice limitless awareness and let yourself be as infinite as the heavens.

There is no place to seek the mind; it is like the footprints of the birds in the sky. zenrin

If you've eve taken a meditation workshop, you've probably learned specific instructions for what to focus on. Most teachers offer suggestions that direct your attention to your breath, a mantra, or some external object like a candle flame. The Buddha himself offered more than 40 objects of meditation, including the breath, various aspects of the physical body, sensations, mental experiences, and specific life experiences.

But truly the meditative state lies beyond such practices. Meditation is ultimately not something that we do, but is rather a state that arises when all "doing" is done with. Swami Satchidananda once said, "Meditation is an accident, and yoga practices make us accident prone." But most traditions also speak of "methodless methods" that are meant to drop us directly into that meditative state variously called "bare attention," "silent illumination," "just sitting," "Maha Mudra," or simply "choiceless awareness." Such "practices" encourage sitting as awareness itself, with no chosen focus, so that you maintain an evenness of attention on whatever arises in your awareness.

The great Buddhist Tantric master Tilopa (988-1069 CE) wrote in his "Song of Maha Mudra":

The clouds that wander through the sky Have no roots, no home; nor do the distinctive Thoughts floating through the mind. Once this is seen, Discrimination stops.

Rest at ease your body.

Giving not, nor taking,

Put your mind at rest.

Maha Mudra is like a mind that clings to nothing.

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