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All styles. All traditions. All levels. Come for a weekend or 5 days-practice, relax, and meet interesting people. You'll return home ready for whatever the world brings.

Manouso Manos ■ Angela Farmer ■ Amy Weintraub ■ Shiva Rea ■ Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa Elena Brower ■ Krishna Kaur ■ Dharma Mittra ■ Gary Kraftsow ■ Bo Forbes ■ Alan Finger Jonny Kest ■ Anodea Judith ■ Desirée Rumbaugh ■ Nischala Joy Devi ■ Deepak Chopra Lilias Folan ■ Cyndi Lee ■ Stephen Cope ■ Annie Carpenter Alanna Kaivalya ■ Todd Norian ■ Aadil Palkhivala ■ Ann Greene Rama Berch ■ Sarah and Ty Powers ■ Tias Little ■ Manju Jois Joseph Le Page ■ Mukunda Stiles ■ Amba and Don Stapleton exploring the yoga of life. stockbridge, massachusetts 800.741.7353

Kripalu n

Home Study Yoga Teacher Training and Certification

The finest Home Study Teacher Training and Certification Program ever developed offers you the skills you need to take the rewarding step from student to teacher, while learning at your own pace

An extensive 12-month program providing over 250 hours of instruction, including: CDs, text, books, study guides, lesson plans, retreats, and a personal advisor

Course curriculum includes: Asana Theory and Practice Anatomy and Physiology The Eight Limbs of Yoga Teaching Meditation and Pranayama Communication Skills forYoga Instruction How to Establish Yourself as a Teacher

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