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If you break out in a cold sweat at the thought of a test, think of this as a self-evaluation. No one else will read your answers (unless you show them to someone), so be as honest as you possibly can. Don't try to fool yourself. Your yoga journey will be better and more fulfilling if you really understand your goals, motivations, and desires.

For each question, write what first comes into your mind, and here's a new twist—keep on writing for a minute or two. Even if you feel you've answered the question in one sentence, continue on and write anything that occurs to you, but try to keep closely focused on the question. This exercise is called "freewriting," and you might be surprised at what leaps out of your subconscious mind and onto the page. We suggest that you use these self-evaluation exercises to begin your yoga journal. After you've been practicing yoga for a period of time, say six months, return to the self-evaluation and see if you'd still answer all the questions the same way.

Don't feel you have to hurry through this test. You don't even have to complete it in one session. But try to complete it before you dive into your yoga practice. Just as a doctor needs to understand all of a patient's symptoms before making a diagnosis, so you should fully understand your own physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states before you start to improve them.

Remember the most important thing when completing this test: Don't censor yourself! Write what you really feel about each question. Seriously think about who you are and what you—not anyone else—think about the question. Don't even consider what you "should" think (whatever that means!). Just feel whatever it is you do think. Let it all hang out, and then we'll take a look at who we're dealing with: you!

1. If I had to describe myself to someone who doesn't know me, I would say:

If you have a hard time analyzing your own personality, imagine you're someone else who's just met you. Try to look at yourself through the eyes of another person. What's your first impression of this new friend (you)?

Wise Yogi Tells Us

If you have a hard time analyzing your own personality, imagine you're someone else who's just met you. Try to look at yourself through the eyes of another person. What's your first impression of this new friend (you)?


Thinking negatively about yourself—negative self-talk—can become a habit. Breaking this nasty habit can be difficult, but it's possible. First, make an effort to notice when you feel negative. Second, consciously try to rephrase your negative thoughts into positive ones. Eventually you'll retrain your mind to accentuate the positive!

2. I have an "outer me" I show to the world and an "inner me" that's more private. Here's how I'd describe the "inner me"—the qualities I have that people might not notice at first, or that I consider mine alone and not necessarily for sharing:

3. (If you have anything even slightly negative in your answers to the first two questions, underline it.) Now: I could argue that the negative qualities I mentioned are also positive qualities when I look at them this way:

4. My best friends would describe me as:

5. When I'm confronted with someone who has different beliefs than mine, I feel:

6. If I could give one of my personal qualities to everyone in the entire world in order to make it a better place, I'd give everyone my:

7. The qualities in someone else that spark my admiration are:

8. This is the way I feel about my chosen profession, especially in terms of how it reflects my personality and satisfies my needs and ambitions:

9. If someone stole my parking space, would I be more likely to react physically (for example, jump out of the car and deck them), verbally (shout at them, swear profusely, or say something nasty about their appearance or intelligence), or emotionally (think to myself that the person is a jerk, imagine elaborate scenarios of revenge, or brood on the incident all day)? This is how I would be likely to act:

10. I think the greatest thing about the world today is:

11. I think some of the problems with the world today are:

12. I think the greatest thing about me is:

13. Here are my thoughts on the existence of a divine power:

14. If I could change one thing about the world, it would be:

15. If I could change one thing about myself, it would be:

16. I bought this book because:

17. I think it will be important for my yoga teacher to have certain qualities, such as:

18. I hope to accomplish the following from my yoga practice (ranked in order of importance):

19. Since yoga is about more than touching your toes, if someone is in a difficult yoga pose, are they necessarily doing yoga? Explain some reasons why or why not.

20. Considering all of these questions, I can think of five reasons why yoga might benefit me personally:

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