Far more people than can ever be mentioned here have, directly or indirectly, helped to make this book what it is. We'll name a few, but we send sincere and grateful energy out to all of you: Joan's dear friend and Webmaster Kathie Huddleston, who convinced her that she needed a yoga Web site on the Internet, and who consequently created the most beautiful YOYOGA! Web site ( All Joan's students, who have taught and continue to teach her so much, and to all her many inspiring teachers along the way. Eve's children, Angus and Emmett, who are already accomplished yogis at the tender ages of five and two. Joan's foster children, who, however briefly they hold the key to her home, will forever hold the key to her heart. Joan's feline companions, Mufasa and Simba, who continually challenge vegetarian principles. Dr. Georg Feuerstein, for his invaluable advice and counsel. Saeid Lahouti, the photographer for this book, who has shared at least a few lifetimes with Joan (the photos for this book alone took several!). Wendy Frost, for her beautiful illustrations. Lee Ann Chearney at Amaranth, our book producer, for always giving us "all the best," and always promising "More soon!" Witty and charming Gary Krebs, for finding Joan on the Internet. The whole team at Alpha: Mike Sanders, Doris Cross, and Christy Wagner. William Hunt, for walking his talk, for being one of Joan's most inspiring teachers, and for his high-caliber tech review. Joan's friend, Bob Rumba, for hangin' in there through thick and thin, and in the deep and shallow waters of water yoga. Fr. Frank Stroud of Fordham University for increasing Joan's awareness in the awakened de Mello way. Eve's many supportive and appreciative yogi friends, including Jane deLaubenfels, Karen Woditsch, Kathy Streckfus, Caitlin Scott, Geo Takoma, the incomparable Katresha, and Jodi Komitor. Joan's friend, Chuck Reiter, whose simultaneous nostril breathing and continual encouragement are each appreciated in their own way. The many wonderful bookstores (the people in them, really) that have encouraged both of us as writers. Joan's parents, John and Leona, and Eve's parents, Richard and Penny. And to our families and friends who have been there or are there to lend an ear, a hand, a good thought, the right words, or whatever it takes—offering yet another view of the "many limbs" of yoga.

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Beginners Guide To Yoga

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