Baddha Padmasana Bound Lotus Pose

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The bound lotus is the same as the lotus, except that your right arm goes behind your back and holds your right foot, while your left arm goes behind your back and holds your left foot. This pose is even more stable and symmetrical than the lotus pose. Whichever arm crosses on top, go the opposite way next time. Baddha padmasana (pronounced BAH-dah pahd-MAH-sah-nah) deepens all the benefits of the lotus pose, and you'll be able to breathe more deeply. This is considered a more advanced pose than the advanced lotus pose. Butterfly pose (described earlier in this chapter) is an excellent warm-up pose to create the hip flexibility needed for stability in regular and bound lotus poses.

The Least You Need to Know

^ Sitting postures strengthen and increase flexibility in your hips and legs.

^ Mudras are hand positions that enhance meditation by rechanneling energy that emanates from the fingers back into the body where it can stimulate the chakras.

^ Meditate only in a posture that is perfectly comfortable. Some suggestions: easy, kneeling, and lotus.

^ A straight spine makes a meditation pose meditative.

^ If you're down, move around. Feeling great? Meditate!

Chapter 18

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