Be a Mountain Range

A first and easy posture to try is the mountain pose, but since there are two of you, let's make it a mountain range.

1. Face your partner, standing about two feet apart, and close your eyes. This distance is close enough to allow you to sense each other and to hold hands without arm strain, but far enough away to allow you to maintain a sense of your own space.

2. After you're both centered, hold hands. Take some time to become aware of your partner across from you (keep your eyes closed). Feel your partner's form and energy, then feel the energy flow between you as it traverses the bridge made from your joined hands.

Be a mountain range.

3. Next, connect with the grounding energy of the earth. Feel how it pulls you toward its center. Feel your feet and legs connecting and becoming one with the earth.

4. Let the earth's energy move through your body, from toe to head and beyond, and through your joined hands so that you and your partner are joined with the earth-like mountains.

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