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Boat pose for two helps to calm the rocky waters and strengthens tummies, too (or two!).

Boat pose for two.

1. Face each other so that your hips are three to four feet apart. Both partners assume the boat pose (Chapter 18).

2. Place your feet sole to sole, and grasp hands on the outsides of your legs. Now you look like a schooner!

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Wise Yogi Tells Us

Try double heart gazing to connect your heart chakras. Sit facing each other in any meditative pose with your knees touching. Look into each other's eyes. Really look, past the surface. Place your right hand on your partner's heart, and have your partner place his or her right hand on your heart. Then each partner covers his or her own heart (and the partner's right hand) with the left hand. Feel the energy flowing between your heart chakras, connecting you to each other. Close your eyes and continue to feel the energy.

Don't miss out on the great physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of yoga for two. This type of workout is completely different from solo yoga and can be very fulfilling (although it isn't meant to replace a strong and steady personal Hatha Yoga practice). Vary your solitary communion with one of fellowship now and then. Partner yoga will increase your joy.

The Least You Need to Know

^ Practicing yoga with a partner is fun and can deepen your relationship, including your sexual relationship.

^ Practicing yoga with a partner can help you stretch farther than you could alone.

^ Yoga with your partner or spouse can make all aspects of your partnership-physical, emotional, and intellectual—more spiritual.

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