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Just as your breath works for you during vinyasa, so does your mind. More than your muscles are moving here! Your mind can and should be equally engaged in the movement from yoga pose to yoga pose.

Making a purposeful effort to concentrate on the way your body feels and moves during vinyasa is an excellent way to cultivate mindfulness. Vinyasa becomes a sort of

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When you set your intention ahead of time, you'll be in a better frame of mind to notice and monitor your progress as you go. Are you revving up too much, when you had intended to go slow? Are you lagging behind when you had intended to keep an upbeat pace?

meditation when practiced with this kind of intense focus. Let your moving body and flowing breath be the center of your meditation. Observe yourself from the inside out. Let your mind become the movement, let the movement become your body, let your body connect back to your mind in a complete circle.

You are one fully integrated, fully functioning yogi—so let's go with the flow!

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