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The following table shows you exactly what each chakra controls. Knowing what is linked to what can help you pinpoint the problem, but how do you fix it? Try the earlier chakra opening poses, or simply focus on a chakra and its associated color during shavasana or sitting meditation, to help release, activate, and empower that chakra.

Chakra Color Location Physical Emotional



Base of spine

Elimination or releasing, sense of smell

Instinctual responses and drives



On spine behind the genitals

Reproductive organs, taste, body's water content

Sexuality, passions, creativity

Mars Venus

Yellow Green

On spine behind the navel

On spine behind heart

Digestion, taking in or consuming

Cardiovascular system

Actions, sense of self

Compassion, the emotions associated with others



In the throat

Throat, tonsils, voice

Ability to communicate

Sun/ third eye

Indigo (deep blue)

In the middle of the brow

Mental processes, thought, brain

Ability to perceive truth, recognize delusion





Crown of your head

Integration of the whole self: body/mind/spirit


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