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Part 1: Let's Get Into Yoga 1

1 Why Practice Yoga? 3 Yoga is an ancient system of health that is perfect for life in a modern world.

2 Yoga Fitness Power: Beyond Stretching 13 Yoga isn't just about flexibility—it's a great body/mind fitness program.

3 How Comfortable Are You in Your Body? 23 Test yourself to see how comfortable you are with your body, determine your personal body image, and learn how much you know about your own anatomy.

4 Yoga Mind Power: Go with the Flow 35 Yoga tones your mind, too, keeping it calm, sharp, effective, and even joyful.

Part 2: Let's Get Spiritual: Growing with the

Tree of Yoga 47

5 Going Back in Time: The Yoga Tradition 49 Learn about the origins of yoga, the different branches of yoga, and how yoga came to the West.

6 Walking Yoga's Eightfold Path 59 Yoga isn't just exercise—it is a way of life with guidelines for everything from behavior to hygiene to attitude.

7 Can You Breathe? 73 Learn the fine art of breath control, an integral part of yoga.

8 Hatha Yoga: May the Force Be with You 83 Hatha Yoga, the most popular form of yoga in the West, combines body control and breath control to achieve inner balance.

Part 3: Starting Your Yoga Practice 97

9 Where Do You Practice Yoga? 99 How to find a yoga class, a yoga teacher, or establish an effective practice on your own.

10 How to Practice Yoga 111 What to wear and how to approach your workout with a brand-

new attitude.

11 When to Practice Yoga 119 Tips on how to structure your practice and fit yoga into your busy schedule.

12 Crafting Your Personalized Yoga Practice 129 Your yoga workout is yours and yours alone—here's how to personalize your routine.

Part 4: Energize: Postures to Build Strength and Endurance 139

13 What Do You Stand For? 141 Standing postures build strength and stability—

master these and other poses will be easier.

14 Bending Over Backbends 157 Backbends help to release energy and joy so they can flow through your body—practice them and rev up!

15 Come on, Body, Let's Do the Twist 169 Inversions and twists rejuvenate the body—you'll flip for these postures!

16 A Continuous Flow 181 Vinyasa involves combining postures in a flow of movement—you'll get a great cardiovascular workout.

Part 5: Calming Down: Postures to Quiet the

Body and Mind 193

17 Are You Sitting Down? 195 Sitting poses are great for meditation or simply getting centered—so have a seat!

18 Take the Forward Path 207 Forward bends lengthen the back of your body and help you focus on your inner self.

19 Dead to the World 219 The most important of all the poses, shavasana helps you to completely relax and release your body ... and mind.

Part 6: Living Your Yoga 229

20 Chakras, Mudras, Mantras, and Mandalas 231 An introduction to your energy centers (chakrasj and how to use them, plus how to use mudras, mantras, and mandalas for more effective meditation.

21 You Are What You Eat 243 Everybody knows you are what you eat, so let's explore the personality of your favorite foods.

22 Rx: Yoga 255 Yoga helps your body—all five layers—to heal itself, whether from minor complaints or major ones.

Part 7: Yoga for Everyone! 267

23 Yoga for Two 269 Yoga needn't always be a solitary proposition—vary your regular routine with occasional partner workouts.

24 For Women Only 279 Women have some unique concerns and qualities—

from PMS to motherhood to menopause—that yoga can address with finesse.

25 Yoga for the Whole Family 293 Guys, kids, families, we haven't forgotten you, and neither has yoga. This one's for you.

26 Yoga for Seniors 305 It's never too late to improve your life with a regular yoga practice.


A Yoga Sessions for the Time You Have 317

B Glossary 325

C Further Along the Yoga Path: Suggested Reading 335

Index 341

A Guide To Practice Yoga

A Guide To Practice Yoga

Discover How to Practice Yoga! Now you can use a practical stepbystep guide to learn Yoga techniques. Including the Practices and Exercises of Concentration, both Objective and Subjective, and Active and Passive Mentation, an Elucidation of Maya, Guru Worship, and the Worship of the Terrible, also the Mystery of Will-Force.

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